Just received my HH Paule Marrot Orsay Satchel in Harlequin!

  1. I love this bag! I think it's one of my favorite HH styles. The canvas is thick and sturdy and the print looks so cool with the black leather! I got it at Active Endeavors for $251 after the 25% code. The one thing that would make it perfect would be a detachable strap for messenger wear...

  2. Bagatella- Not sure if you have the Louvre satchel but, if so, I wonder if you could use the Louvre canvas and leather cross-body strap with this bag to get your desired method of carrying? Perhaps you could attach it to the top rings?
  3. PS- I have been eyeing this bag- it really is a stunner. Love, love the print!
  4. Modeling pics! Modeling pics! I'd love to see what size it is in a "real" person. Love the harlequin pattern. What's the inside like?
  5. No, I don't have the Louvre satchel, but I am waiting to receive a Be & D bag with a detachable strap, so I'll see if it will work with the Orsay!

    I do love the bag, though! The lining is a deep tan plain fabric which suits it perfectly, as anything else would be too busy!

    I will try to take RL pics, but in the meantime, Active Endeavors has a real person modeling it: http://activeendeavors.com/product/1/2/4080/
  6. Really cute...love the print!

    congrats and post pics when you can!!
  7. OOOOOHHHH, pleeeeaaase post modeling pics! I have been drooling over this bag, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet because I want to see more RL pics. Love it! Is it comfortable on the shoulder? Does one of the straps slip or do they stay on your shoulder pretty well?
  8. Congrats on your new bag, it's quite a striking style!
  9. That's so cute! Pictures of you with it please!
  10. PLEASE!!!! Post some IRL pics??!! I'm dying here to get a look at it in a setting other than that of the HH photo-shoots! TIA!!:love:
  11. I don't have an HH bag right now and I am really missing them! The quality and details are TDF. This one is a really cute bag and I have been watching it too. Add me to the list of folks wanting modeling pics to throw us over the edge :yes:
  12. Yes...pictures, pictures please!!! Great bag.