Just received my GST!! dbsahdfafj!

  1. This bag was overnighted to me and boy, that was the longest night ever! This is my first Chanel bag, I'm so excited. My digital camera is about to croak so if the pictures come out bad you know why.
  2. Beautiful!!! I have this bag in beige and love it.

  3. How exciting, congrats on your first bag, and what a great choice. I also have this bag in brown, and love it!!!!!
  4. congrats angela!:yahoo: wear it in good health!
  5. Isn't a great feeling to finally have your first bag? Congratulations!:biggrin:
  6. congrats! nice bag. cute how the box is wrapped.
  7. Congrats on your first Chanel!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks guys! I feel like I just gave birth. It really is the best feeling!
  9. Congrats and consider yourself lucky for getting your hands on it. :smile: My SA says there is a wait list a mile long.
  10. Love it, congrats!
  11. lovely congrats!
  12. wOw!! Breath-taking! Congrast!
  13. Love it! This bag is on my want list!
  14. It is gorgeous!!
  15. OMG! It's so beautiful.