Just received my grey 05 twiggy and am totally unimpressed

  1. The color just seems drab and lifeless.I am usually not a color bag person but this just seems soooooo dull. Why does the grey look so great on everyone else?:oh:
  2. gosh, i'm sorry you don't like the grey girl, i've got a grey '06 hobo/day bag & i think it's gorgeous :flowers:
    DSCF2058 rev.jpg
  3. I have a gray 05 Purse and I love the color--do you think it's just the variation in the leather from bag to bag? It's in some of the other threads around here and I'd post it again, but photobucket is having maintenance.
  4. im so sorry to hear that...give it a couple of days...see if you will change your mind..
  5. maybe you should try Lubriderm to give it a darker patina?
    Unless you are completely sure you are not going to keep it, of course.
  6. Awww, I am sorry you don't like the Grey : ( I just got mine this past Sunday and I've been wearing it all week. I have been pairing it with brighter colours, a springish green, today I am wearing teal, the other day was a cornflowerish blue. That seems to make it pop more than wearing with black. Maybe try it against the brighter colours and see if you don't love it more. If you don't :heart: it, send it back.

    I attached a pick of my Grey Twiggy in sunlight to give an idea of the colour of mine. Can you post a picture of yours??

    I wish you well,

    Grey Twiggy 0201.jpg
  7. I really like the grey -- it's such a versatile color (IMO more than the griege, which is more of a taupe-grey). Maybe you should try it out for a few days and see how you feel.
  8. ppppchaaaw i love that bag! if u wanna sell it....

    lol im sure it will grow on you and you will love it tho!!!!!!!!!
  9. You know I was worried about that, too. I wanted to bid on an 05 Grey, but the color seemed a bit dull compared to the newer greys. Then I saw some pics of Pfers wearing the color and it looked nice. Maybe try what the other ladies recommended and wear it with fun, brighter colors. :smile:
  10. I'll go take some photos now and post them. Tell me what you think
  11. yea, i've heard that the 06 gray is nicer than the 05. good luck with your decision to keep or not.
  12. aaa and Bridget---your Greys are beautiful! :smile:
    Fortheluv--look forward to seeing your pics! I'm sure she's lovely! :heart:
  13. forthelove, i'm sorry you don't like your 05 grey twiggy. is it the color or the leather you don't like? i look forward to the pics.

    aaa, your 06 grey hobo looks lovely!
  14. i have the '05 grey and get tons of compliments on it. i like the '06 grey but obviously prefer the '05. it is darker and is just a deeper color. the '06 grey is more of a light/medium grey IMO.
  15. Chigirl--what do you like to wear your 05 Grey with? Do you wear it with teals and blues like Bridget? I'm starting to want this color now, too. lol...