Just received my first pair of LV shoes!

  1. FedEx finally delivered them this morning. They were the last pair in the country and were supposed to stay at the Toronto store but my SA sweet talked the store manager and got them for me! I was worried that they might not fit since this was my first pair of LV shoes but they're just perfect. A little tight at first but I think with time, the leather will soften up. I'll stuff them with socks overnight, it can't hurt lol. Here are my pics:

    I LOVE LV boxes, especially big ones haha. Size DOES matter, at least when it comes to LV lol.

    All the goodies inside the box (shoes inside their dustbags, extra laces and the care manual):

    View of the Zephyr sneakers from the front:

    Side view!

    And the best view, from the back! ;)

    I've got another pair on the way so stay tuned ;)
  2. Those are way cool!! Love them!
  3. Congrats on the beautiful sneaks!!
    I love the colors, great combo.
    Wear in good health !!!!!!
  4. very nice CONGRATS!
  5. Love them. Congrats!
  6. congrats! I love LV shoes.
  7. Ooooh Congrats! They look so nice!
  8. Hot shoes!
  9. Congrats!!! They're really nice!!
  10. They're nice!!!
  11. Wow,love it! :tup:
  12. Did I die and go to heaven? Those shoes are amazing!!! :drool:

  13. nice! congrats!
  14. Those are some HOT shoes.

  15. OMG THose are HOT! I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!! ConGraTz!