Just received my first LV bag from eLuxury. Quick question ladies...eLuxury is

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  1. guaranteed authentic, right? I know I'm probably being paranoid. I saw some pictures of replicas vs. authentic and there was a note about the placement of the LV's being very specific in relation to the handles. The LV's are placed such that the leather at the bottom of the handles partially obscures them. Is this normal? Am I being a nut? I'd post pictures, but my camera is acting up. Thanks!
  2. What kind of bag is it?

    eLuxury is 100% authentic. I mean, I guess there is that teeny, tiny chance that someone could return a fake to them. However it's VERY unlikely. All bags are a little bit different. So if you're really unhappy with the bag, just exchange it. The people at eLuxury are super kind, so I'm sure they'd be more than happy to swap it out for you. But personally, I wouldn't worry about it (although since there are no pics I guess I don't know how "off" it looks). Hope this helps!
  3. Of course it is, it's the site that the official site directs you. Alignment is a tricky thing, for some bags it's a certain way and others, it's not. But rest assured that as long as you bought it from eluxury, you've got an authentic bag.
  4. Yep, they are the "official" site for buying LV online.
  5. Eluxury sells authentic LV and I understand they are very careful with reviewing any returns because of some sly people who try to pull buying an authentic and returning a fake. Rest assured, if you buy from Eluxury, you will get an authentic bag.
  6. Yup, eLux is legit.

    Just relax and enjoy your new bag. ;)
  7. if you go to the louis vuitton site... and click on shop now, it directly links you to eluxury. I actually perfer shopping there than in an actual store. haha Enjoy your bag!!!!
  8. they are authentic and I belive owned by LV
  9. Yep 1000000000% authentic! I shop there a lot because I get get free shipping, its so nice and convenient, they always ship in an LV box which is great, since sometimes you have to beg to get one at the boutique.
  10. Yes, they are absolutely authentic. If you go the Vuitton.com site, it automatically connects you to the eLuxury site for e-shopping. I love buying from them as most of the time it's free shipping...and even better, no tax!

    Plus, sometimes I buy bags but am unsure if I love them enough to warrant spending thousands on them. I love the eLux 60 day return policy cuz I feel like I can take my time thinking about whether or not to keep them. I don't have an LV store near me, so when I order from the store a lot of my 14-day return period is used up in shipping.

    Congrats on your purchase.
  11. eLuxury is owned by LVMH (Moet, Hennessey, Louis Vuitton), so you better believe they're legit. They're the ONLY place for new, authentic LV online. Keep in mind that some of the pics on eLux are of prototypes of the bags, so it is possible that the monogram placement is different in the pics on eLux from the actual product.

    Depending on what style of bag you ordered, it is possible that the bottoms of the handles obscure LVs. I have the Neverfull PM, and the bottoms of the handles completely cover two of the LVs on each side.
  12. I understand how you feel. when I first bought an LV from Elux, I was a bit paranoid, and must have emailed Fashionphile a million times about whether my bag was authentic. I ended up going to an LV boutique just to make sure, but I'm very confident that anything you buy from Elux is authentic.
  13. Eluxury only sells authentic stuff!
    But if you're really unhappy with it, you should just return it! You spend too much money to not be in love with it, just explain it to them.
  14. Ditto from me. Eluxury is very nice to deal with & 100% authentic. I have had no problems with anything that I bought there. 60 day return policy is great! :tup:

  15. you've got the real deal ! Enjoy !