Just received my first Kooba bag - a Katy

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  1. Hi everyone! I've been reading the Kooba forum for awhile but hadn't yet posted (love this forum, BTW). I just received the Katy bag in Lava and really love it! It's bigger than I thought, and seems very functional with its exterior pockets. Now, I have to go and buy the Wilson's Leather Protector!

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
  2. I love the Katy - I didn't realize how much I loved it until yesterday - this is such a smokin' bag! It is phenomenal - I'm surprised I don' read more about it!
    As is the sleek and functional Linda - these two bags i LOVE!
  3. Hi lovekoobabags! Which color do you have the Katy in? From the size, it seems like it can hold a lot of my stuff -- which is great because I'm one of those that likes to put anything and everything in my bag! :smile: I haven't used it yet, though, because I really want to put some Wilson's on it first. The Linda bag looks like it can hold a good amount as well -- and seems to have the same type of beautiful, shiny, leather as the Katy! I really would like a Natasha in black (not patent though)...but can't seem to find it on sale anywhere.
  4. thanks for that wilsons code - I actually just bought myself 2 bottles - finally! and I got free shipping too!
  5. I have the Katy in Lava and Cuioi - however, I am keeping only one - I can't decide on
    color hmmmmmmmm.... new post :confused1:
  6. Elizat - thank you for the code! Actually, I just went to purchase the Wilson's -- but thanks anyway! :smile: I also just sprayed the bag, and while definitely smelly, I am glad to have the protectant so I can protect my purse "investment."

    lovekoobabags - I think both colors are really beautiful. Whichever you decide to go with, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Definitely keep us updated w/ which color you decide on.

    So...I think I can safely say that I'm starting to get addicted to Kooba bags. After work, I went to the NM Last Call Center near me...and got a black Ginger! (I know, I know, 2 Koobas at once is kind of much...I try to justify it though as I haven't bought a new bag in more than a year.) I really like the Ginger and love that it seems to be the type of bag where I can just throw stuff in it and go. So excited w/ my new purchases!
  7. USCGirlie did they have any more black Gingers? I would love a black Ginger, also how much were they and what NM. Thanks.
  8. Hi Shockey,

    I went to the NM Last Call in Milpitas (Bay Area, California). Unfortunately, it was the only Black Ginger left. They did have 2 more in the caramel-ish color, though. The Gingers were all selling for $380 apiece, but I negotiated w/ the store manager to sell it to me for 20% off as there was a scuff on the backside of the bag. So, the final price ended up being $304 -- slightly higher priced than the sale prices of Gingers in the past I think...

    I wish you lots of luck in finding a Black Ginger at the right price!! Keep us posted! :smile:
  9. I think they are both lovely colors. Is there one that would go better with your wardrobe?