just received my first ever RM MAM but...

  1. so i ordered the black/blue stamp MAM from bluefly last week... and FINALLY it arrived today, i rushed to open it (and even took extra pictures, for the fun unwrapping posts) til i looked at my hardware (gold) and its so spotty... almost as if its tarnished. i cant explain it, but i did capture it in the pictures. now im wondering is just me and my brain not functioning well or is this really how my hardware is? like it there a clear coat or something that i must scrape off? =( im just really disappointed... ill post pictures in just a minute to share!

    this is my first ever RM purchase, and i was expecting to be excited, unforunately im not.

    maybe its just me, and im really anal about things...
  2. Oh no! Now you have me anxious about seeing my black/blue stamp mam... Can some simple brass cleaner clear it up?
  3. i thought it would be a solid soft gold, not so much a shiney cheap looking gold.

    once again, is it just me? lol

    heres the pics


  4. huh... thats pretty dissapointing =/ Its almost looks like it has been beaten up already cos of the white splotches. Is the patches just the gold paint falling off? I would expect better quality for the price we are paying =/
  5. exactly! =( im just so shockked.
  6. [​IMG]

    in better lighting.
  7. Id be unhappy with that....for a bag that costs this much, I want good quality
  8. its like that on every hardware piece on the bag too!

    is there a way to make it better? to somehow save it? or am i just sol

    from feeling it, it doesnt feel as if its chipped or just falling off like paint...
    idk its just so weird and im in utter shock and disbelief about the bag.

    could this have been caused due to the weather? i mean i live in upstate ny, where it is only 15 degrees out...
  9. Its not very durable if cold weather can cause that to happen... Does anybody else have problems with their Bluefly MAM hardware? =/
  10. For what it's worth, the gold hardware on my matinee from Nordie's has similar tarnishing on a few spots. Not all over and not as noticeable, but on the inside of the handles there are few similar white spots and even brown. I didn't mind much, because I actually prefer a more distressed look to tone down the bright gold some, and it's on the inside (facing each other when the handles are up) and not noticeable.

    I live in SoCal and the bag came from Nordie's in Washington, so I don't know if cold weather had anything to do with it.
  11. yeah, i was trying to clarify to myself that maybe, just maybee it were to happen to each piece of the hardware, the distressed look, it would look good. but this is way too noticeable.

    but who am i fooling? i paid this much money, and i really want to be fully satisfied. i knew the deal i got for it from bluefly was too good to be true.
  12. I believe this problem is common with the RM hardware - which is why she has changed it for the s/s season. She is now having it custom made so the tarnishing won't be such a problem. I have a MAB in black from the first year they were made and its got spotting and in some areas, the gold has faded to silver. But, its never bothered me - metal ages, spots up, and tarnishes for the most part and I think it adds to its character. Kind of like leather!
  13. I wonder if these could be coated/treated in some way.
  14. Yes, like circoit said, I think it's very common with the RM hardware of the older models. I have three MAMs and two of the older ones have the same problem.
    Try to polish it with silver polishing cloth. It worked pretty good with mine. The color of gold became lighter and shinier after polishing.
    Hope this works for your bag too!:smile:
  15. I would check out an art supply store or paint specialty store to see if this metal can be treated/repaired in some way.