Just received my first birkin...

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  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and I have questions on the 35cm noisette vache liegee (with gold hardware) that I just bought. It is my very first birkin and I love the color very much, but I am not sure about if it is the leather that I want. I found very detailed information from the Hermes(groupie)'s leather book:


    An adult cowhide, this is a natural grained leather. It has been stated on this forum that the leather is stretched in 8 different directions. Apparently this process gives the leather its rigidity, which is why its touted as being as durable as box. The two-tone effect is a result of a 2 dye process. The grain makes this leather scratch resistant, but care must be taken in avoiding deep scratches. The 2 tone effect will be difficult to regain with deep scratches.

    Does anyone have any comments/feedback on this leather?:confused1:

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  2. ^ wow, so pretty! Congrats!!! I've seen a lot of Noisette Vache Liegee popping up at Hermes lately! This is not my favorite leather for myself - I just prefer Chevre, box and Togo/Clemence. If you love a very rigid look, then this leather is perfect. Also, it's lightweight, which is a BIG plus for a Birkin 35. If THIS leather sings to you and is exactly what you want, then keep it and use it with love.
  3. Welcome to the Pf! And Congrats on a gorgeous Birkin!!! I know nothing about VL leather, but the bag is just beautiful!
  4. Welcome!!! And a big Congratulations on your first birkin! It is beautiful!
  5. Greentea - why don't you like vache liegee? I saw a kelly in noisette too and I am tempted. My first choice is box but they don't have it at the moment so I don't know if I should wait or just grab this one.
  6. Welcome, hermes0823 and Congratulations (!!!) on a gorgeous purchase!

    As for the leather, it has, as you know, been recently introduced and is more expensive than many of the regular Hermes leathers. It is supposed to be light and very wearable. I think it lovely, but, a little stiffer than I generally prefer.

    It's all personal preference, however....and I feel you've made just a beautiful choice with your first Birkin!
  7. I cannot comment on the leather because I am not familiar with it, but it is a beautiful bag! I'm sure the ladies in this forum can help you.
  8. Welcome and congratulations on your first of many birkins!
  9. Noisette in VL is a beautiful combination. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your new birkin for many years to come.
  10. Welcome Hermes 0823! Your first Birkin is just lovely and a favorite color of mine! Noisette!!!! Vache Liegee is a new introduction and more expensive than even Chevre which USED to be one of the more pricey leathers! As Isus says, it IS lighter in weight which is a plus for a 35 Birkin and will keep its shape nicely. If you prefer a softer bag, then this is not the leather that will give you that look. For myself, I prefer Box, Chevre, Swift and Togo leathers over Vache Ligee and Epsom. BUT this is all a matter of preference....the important thing is, what are YOUR feelings about this leather?
  11. It's beautiful!!! Just love the color! Here's to the first of many...:drinks:
  12. I saw this color/leather combination in a 25 cm kelly in the Madison store about a month ago (later, I think another forum member bought it). I like the leather and color combination VERY much on a larger bag, e.g., a birkin. I passed on the kelly because it was too stiff for me for a small bag, but if it had been larger I definately would have gone ahead. I know its hard for anyone else to weigh in since its so personal and subjective, but for what its worth, a noisette vache ligee birkin is beautiful, as well as practical. Color and leather is a true neutral, and probably goes with everything.
  13. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Birkin!! GORGEOUS!!!

    I know the ladies here will be able to help you with leather care!
  14. Welcome and a big Congratulations!!!
  15. Congratulations.