Just received my cream paddy

  1. I just received my cream paddy and I'm sad to say we didnt have an instant connection. I bought it from a PF member a few weeks back. I had never seen this color in person before.

    Its a beautiful bag in great conditon but I don't think its for me. But wish it were bigger.

    The thing about it is its a discontinued color that you can't find anywhere. Should I keep it for that reason?

    I don't want to keep it and then end up never wearing it.

    SO CONFUSED :hrmm:

    What do you guys think? Do you think I can sell it easily on ebay? I've sold other items and a few LV bags but this is my first chloe. I'm not sure how they sell on ebay.

    Thoughts? Keep or sell?
    cream.jpg creampaddy.jpg
  2. If it's not "love", don't keep it. You won't make much on eBay...just sold my khaki for $1000. Cream is a popular color though, so you'll probably make a little more. A girl I know from another forum just sold her chocolate as well for $1000.
  3. I think I'm going to carry it out today just to see how I feel about it.

    I just think that for me the hype about getting a paddy was greater than acutually having it. Although it is a gorgeous bag.

    This has happened to me before. That what I get for shopping too much.
  4. I'm the same way!! A lot of it for me is the hype on HERE....then I get it and it's really not me. I should've learned my lesson by now. I've taken too many losses on eBay for my shopaholic syndrome!
  5. I think that color is so pretty and works with any season, color of outfit, etc. But, you must love it, first and foremost. Look at it for a couple of days and if there's no connection, sell it.
  6. I think it looks beautiful on you. Give it a test drive for a week or so and then decide?
  7. I do think that it looks good on you but if you're not loving it, then maybe you should sell her. If you're iffy now, I don't think you'll change your mind about it later.
  8. Its lovely...is it the vanilla? the S/S 05 cream?

    I could be interested if you dont want her..
  9. Congratulations! I think it looks great on you, and the color is fantastic! BUT if you are not in love, then that is all that matters. I would take a few days to think about it- try her on with some of your clothes, and just stare at her. If you don't fall in love, then sell that baby! She is a beauty!
  10. You have to love it! If not...it goes.
  11. Love your watermark, LOL! That's priceless. :biggrin:

    As for the Paddy, I agree that you have to love it. And I think it would sell on ebay if you don't try to profit and if you can provide a receipt from the source. If you don't have a receipt, you might want to contact the seller and ask her for one. If she used a credit card a copy of her statement showing the transaction should suffice (blanking out all other information). When I sell bags I always include all original receipts and documentation to the winning bidder and have never had a problem.
  12. Well I took my paddy out for a spin to run some errands and I still don't love it. :sad:

    I just bought two Fendi Spy's and I think my attention is focused on those.

    I even tried a few different outfit to get me exited about it....but it didnt work.

    What's my problem?
  13. That IS a very clever way to watermark..no one can remove it!

    Sorry to hear you're not crazy about your new purchase...:sad:
  14. That bag is TOTALLY GORGEOUS!! I was just picturing it in the winter worn with black slacks, black turtleneck...
  15. I'm sorry to hear you don't love it and I agree that you should sell it. Looks great on you, though. But my, my.. 2 new Spies! Congrats!