Just Received my Black GSH Day and......

  1. I LOVE IT!!! I just have a few questions....

    The leather doesn't look as smooshy or distressed as some of the other Balenciagas I have seen in the past. It is great, don't get me wrong, but I was hoping for complete smooshiness! Is there a difference in the leather on the bags with the GSH as opposed to the RSH?

    Also, although I do like the GSH, I think they could have achieved the same objective, making the hardware bigger than the original hardware, but smaller than the current Giant Hardware.

    Really love the style of this bag, and am thinking of buying a Cream day with RSH that is on Diabro.net for $650!!!!
  2. I heard from some tPFers that leather of GH is more structured than RH's leather due to the needs of holding the hardware. However, I believe once a GH bag is broken in, its leather will turn to be smooshy and distressed.
  3. Pics please.:rolleyes:
  4. Yp pics please would love to see what you meen