Just received my black Epi Petit Noe from ebay

  1. And it REEKS!!!!!!! I heard about the smells from ebay bags and didn't think it was a big deal but OMG!!!! It REEKS!!!!!!!

    I got it from authentic LVlady and other than the smell I LOVE:heart: the bag and VERY fast shipping.

    But OHHH the SMELL!!!:crybaby: :crybaby:

    Any advice???
  2. Uhm, cat litter, you put it in an open plastic bag and let it stay there for a few days.
  3. Oh and congrats on your new bag, all you girls with your new noes are making me fall in love with mine all over again
  4. OMyGoodness, lol me too! I just received a black Epi Speedy from the same ebayer and it does smell kind of funky :lol: . I stuffed it full of fabric softener sheets hoping it will take care of the smell, I haven't checked it in a couple of hours hopefully it's better by now. I hope this helps.
  5. I LOVE:heart: :heart: the Petit Noe!!! I'm so glad I got it.
  6. Suggestions I've heard from the Balenciaga people:

    1. Put kitty litter inside the purse...seal it up(the purse) and let it sit a couple days.
    2. Newspaper also absorbs the odors
    3. Spray some towels with Febreze and put it inside the bag (close up the bag) and leave it for a few days
    4. Also try putting it outside for awhile too....fresh air can do wonders.
  7. I could live with "kinda funky" but mines STINKS to high heaven! :yucky:
  8. Questions...

    Do I bag the kitty litter? (sorry I don't own a cat and have no idea)...if it's not in a bag will it soil the inside of the bag?
  9. I fabreezed mine a bunch of times and left it out to dry. It took a while for the smell to go away.
  10. Oh I'm so sorry about the smell. I would spray frebreeze too! I am glad you like it otherwise though
  11. Let me check an old thread from the Balenciaga forum to double-check first!
  12. Buy some plain clay kitty litter. Fill a plastic garbage bag with half the kitty litter. Place the handbag inside the bag on top of the kitty litter. Pour the rest of the kitty litter in onto the bag. Seal up the bag and let it sit there for a couple days. The clay will be dusty but will come off the bag with a damp cloth when you are done. You might also spray a cloth with fabreze and put it INSIDE the bag before you put it in the kitty litter. Works every time.

    This was a tip posted for Balenciaga leather bags (for a bag that reeked of smoke) by Roo.
  13. Is it a mothball smell? It's a common problem for bags purchased from HK. Leaving the bag outside in the fresh air will help. Also, if you have an ionizer (like the bathroom size sold on the Sharper Image site), leave it inside the bag for a day or two.

    You can also buy a form of charcoal (sorry, can't remember the exact name) but it's sold at stores like Petco. Leave it inside the bag for a few days and it should absorb the smell.

    Good Luck!
  14. MY CB pochette from authentic_lvlady had the same smell...I left it outside with fabric softener sheets and it helped, although the smell is still slightly there. I'll have to try the kitty litter technique. Thanks goodness my vanilla epi speedy from her did not have that smell! Good luck :flowers:
  15. Spray it with Febreeze and leave it outside to dry on a really HOT day. My SIL got me my graffiti speedy from the same seller and it smelled really bad of moth balls.:yucky: That's what I did and the smell is GONE!!! The advantage I had is I could turn the whole bag inside out and let it dry that way. Good luck!!! Isn't the bag GORGEOUS though (minus the smell)?