Just received my 02 Black Flat Brass classique!

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  1. Finally! After waiting and waiting, being held in customs etc...It arrived! I was so surprised that it was even lighter than the current classiques and the leather is soooo soft :love: I'm in love!:heart:
    I was thinking of giving it to my sister but....not anymore lol!!:P :roflmfao:

    (2nd picture: 04 turquoise first, 02 black first, 05 ice blue first, 04 black city, 04 eggplant first & 06 ink city)
    02 classique.jpg balenciagas-1.jpg
  2. I love your bags!! All are so pretty!
  3. Gorgeous, and what a collection!-Congrats!
  4. Thanx!!:biggrin:
  5. OMG Percephonie! You guys are seriously killing me with these gorgeous flat brass bags!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Where did you find it? It's SO perfect!!!
  6. Lovely collection.. I love your 02 bag. how long did it take to get to you?
  7. gorgeous:biggrin:
  8. It took 2 weeks and a half to get to me! First it got held in customs because of the charges, then when I arranged a redelivery it didn't arrive because of a fault on their system! But it's here now and I am soo happy!
  9. That is so pretty!!! The leather must be TDF!!! Lucky girl! Enjoy!
  10. wow all the bags are so nice!! congrats :smile: is it a first?
  11. Yep it's a first!
  12. Did you get it off eBay?? i'm just so curious how people find these perfect, beautiful bags!
  13. All of your bags are gorgeous, including this one! Congrats!!
  14. I actually got it from Japan...Don't worry I'm sure you'll find one soon!:biggrin:
  15. Thanks for the info. I lived in Japan for awhile and still have some friends there. I will have to have them scout it out for me! ;)
    Congrats again!
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