Just received Gustto Large Baca from SummerBlu...not happy :(

  1. While I am VERY pleased with SummerBlu's LIGHTNING FAST delivery (I ordered on Thursday and it arrived today! Plus it's free! I love it), I was really disappointed when I saw the Gustto Large Baca that I ordered. I bought the bag during their Thursday 40% sale, so I kept on telling myself that maybe I should just accept the bag in the condition that it's in, but frankly, I am not very pleased with it. There are dirty marks spread throughout the bag, they're not that bad, but you can see them if you look very closely, especially the ones on the bottom of the bag :yucky:. Also, the leather is SO uneven! I've felt other Gustto bags at department stores and it's their SMOOTH, SMOOSHY leather that convinced me to spend so much money on one. Yet, the leather on my bag varied greatly...One part of it is smooth, but all other parts are PIMPLY, wrinkly, bumpy, and look really dirty...I have uploaded some pictures...what do you guys think? I've never ordered from them before..so I hope they'll let me return it. I'm just kind of sad because I was so excited to get it...
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 004anothermark.JPG Picture 007.jpg Picture 013.jpg BUMPY BACA.JPG
  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry. It is so horrid and disappointing when something you've anticipated excitedly turns out to be a let down. Can you return it? In my experience if I am not completely happy when I've first bought something, I never get any happier with it . . . Hope you can return this and find a bag to make your heart sing.
  3. Oh, that is too bad. I probably could deal with it if the bag was the same leather all over but truthfully, the even on one side and pimply on the other would not please me. Do you think you can return it as it seems to be defective? On these big sales, does it say anywhere that the bags have defects and can you expect to get dirty subpar bags? I checked out my Baca and it has some natural leather variations but not to this extent.
  4. No Good At All!!! I hope you can send it back and I'm sorry it turned out so badly!!
  5. i was going to say, some natural differences throughout the leather would probably be expected but that's bad im so sorry! maybe they'd exhange it?
  6. Would you be interested in exchanging it or did this ruin your desire for this bag?
  7. That's really a shame. I ordered the black baca a few weeks ago when they did their last 40% off sale and I couldn't have been more happy. The bag was pristine.
  8. Maybe if you tell them its deffective/dirty they will send you a new one. since you got such a good deal for it, you should try this avenue first.

    good luck.
  9. See, that is what turns me off buying things on sale on the internet......how could that bag be delivered in such bad condition? It is very annoying.
  10. I would definitely contact them for a return. I would never keep a bag in such a bad condition. Not even for 10 dlls. The uneven patches in the leather are horrid. My condolences.
  11. Merely inform them you have received a defective bag and wish an exchange or your money returned. Don't waffle when speaking with them, tell them what you expect.

    You deserve to be in LOVE with your bag.
  12. This is interesting. I ordered a Baca from Summerblu as well and the leather is perfect. I ordered a Setela from LisyB and the leather was just like the Baca you received. It is a huge difference in feel from my Baca but I like the style of the bag and I got a good price, so I kept it. That being said, considering how unhappy you are with it, I would definitely return it.
  13. I'm sorry to hear you aren't delighted; I also bought a Baca and Setela recently and I love them. The leather is not smooth all the way around, mine also have that bumpy look. I feel that is just a characteristic of the leather and I think it really distinguishes Gustto. I've gotten nothing but compliments. Now DIRT MARKS are a different story...I wouldn't be happy either, but is that a dirt mark or a part of the leather? I don't know, but you ought to call Summerblu to give them a chance to make things right for you. Or call Gustto to see if they would do something for you.
    Best of luck, let us know what happens!
  14. Hmmm. I agree. Leather imperfections are acceptable. Dirt is not! I'd try to Return it.
  15. You should return it if you aren't 100% satisfied! Even at 40% off, you should absolutely love the bag!!!

    I have bought items on sale before and received them in sub par condition. Not dirt or signs of use though. I thought hard about what would make me happy. I decided that since they seemed to be out of stock, a further discount would be sufficient. I wrote the store right away and they did exactly what I asked.

    Just be very clear about your expectations, what you would like the resolution to be, and possibly include your buying history with them. If they do not meet your expectations, you can always file a claim with your credit card company.

    Let us know how it goes!