just received chocolate brown leather cabas

  1. that I ordered on eBay, but I am disappointed with the transaction.

    Here are my complaints:
    a) The bag arrived bunched up in a too small box, and is all wrinkled (who does this to chanel? have a heart people!)

    b) There was a slight scratch on the leather next to the cc's (should I get used to this? does this bag just get banged up a lot and that's part of life?)

    c) The bag came without tags or plastic on the CC charm, and it was advertised as being for sale "Brand New" "New With Tags" and with pictures of the charm covered in plastic.

    What would you ladies advise I do? I mentioned a possible discount to the seller, but should I be concerned that the whole transaction was dishonest (and the bag might be, gasp, a fake) just because I was mislead on these other things? It came with authenticity card and hologram which, based on my limited experience with authenticating bags seems to be right?


  2. Did the cabas come in chocolate?? Post some pics.
  3. It's the brown caviar large cabas. This one, right- http://cgi.ebay.com/Authentic-Chanel-brown-leather-bag-purse-NEW_W0QQitemZ220164629799QQihZ012QQcategoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    I would definitely talk to the seller about why the charm is in the pic but you didn't get it. Is it the same bag as in the pics (same hollogram number)? You def have a case of item not as described if the charm is missing, it isn't new, or it isn't the bag pictured. I really love this bag so I hope you're able to figure something out with the seller (heck I'll take it!). Let us know...

    Sorry- misread, I thought you meant w/o the charm. I wonder why she took off the plastic?
  4. Yeah, the plastic is missing, and now I'm noticing some white spots on the bottom. This item is definitely used.

    I think I might even go for the refund.
  5. Sorry, let me be more helpful-

    a- I can't believe someone would do that to a chanel either! I would at least tell her that you received yourbag it's all wrinkled and you would strongly advise her not to pack it that way in the future
    b-from what I understand this is a distressed caviar, meaning it will have/get minor scratches, but they are not flaws or big deals.
    c-make sure the bag you got was the bag pictured. If not, I think you have a basis for a return. The bag in the pics is definitely authentic though.

    I would stuff the bag and let it sit for a bit- If the wrinkles don't come out I would contact the seller and work something out bc it was their actions that made the bag not as described. Hopefully the bag will straighten out though.
  6. If it isn't looking new, you definitely have a case- you bought and paid for a new bag, not a like new or gently used bag.
  7. Thanks echo, I am going to take this up with the seller and she was he/she says.
  8. this is what she stated in her auction:

    Attention: this is 100% authentic brand new purse, with original dust bag, authenticity card with the number that match number inside the bag.
    100% authentic CHANEL or money back!

    so there is no reason / excuse why she wouldn't refund you if you're not 100% satisfied. she is a power seller with 3000 over feedback, i don't see why she will do such a thing. there must be something very wrong. did she give you the same bag as shown in the auction? the same hologram number?
  9. yeah, it's the same bag (same authenticity # on card and hologram.

    but I agree that something here is definitely whack.

    also, does cabas smell super leathery? the bag is on the other end of the bed from me and I can smell the leather.

    wahhhhhhhhhh help me
  10. ^ yep, cabas is famous for its super strong leather smell!! it's so strong every time i take her out from the dust bag it's intoxicating!!
  11. Oh that's terrible!! It's such a gorgeous bag, I KNOW i would have a hard time returning it but it does have faults that you did not pay for. Definately talk to the seller.
  12. The scratch wouldn't bother me as that is probably inherent in the leather and could probably be buffed out with some leather conditioner.

    The missing tags and poor packing/wrinkles are definitely a cause for complaint and should be taken up with the seller. Let us know how you make out!
  13. It seems like the seller took the picture of the bag brand new, used it and now tried to pass it off as new.

    I would ask for a full refund and return it ASAP.

    There is no logical reason for the plastic coming off except that she used it.

    I had the exact same thing happen to me with a designer coat I bought off eBay, picture had the tags attached. When the coat arrived, the tags were off and the seller had some lame excuse. I asked for a full refund. She balked. I went and filed a Paypal dispute. She issued the refund immediately.

    Do it quickly because you don't want to get into a back-and-forth about how you used it and now you changed your mind and it's your word against sellers.
  14. If the auction pictures showed the charm without the plastic wrapping, then you won't be able to complain about that.

    The poor packing and wrinkles would bother me though. is it possible to take pictures for us?

    ETA - I just checked the pictures... she took the plastic off the charm when she sent the bag??? How odd.
  15. good luck i hope you get the matter resolved. there seems to be some good deals on eBay- but stories like this scare me from buying something