Just received Agenda question on the metal ring part

  1. I received it from Elux and opened it and the metal ring part is undone from the book. I was able to slip the ends under the little metal holder thingys (lol bad explination) but wanted to make sure it's supposed to be like that and it didn't break and I am just fixing it temp. Did everyone's come like that? (It is the Pomme one SOOOO PRETTY)
  2. I don't have a Pomme agenda but I do have a damier azur agenda and the metal ring part thing :smile: was attached to the agenda. I don't believe it's supposed to be removable. I think other ladies on the forum had similar problems with their agendas.
  3. My Damier agenda was purchased fully assembled
  4. I have the Azur agenda, it was together. I think you might want to send it back.
  5. I've heard about thins happening a few times!
  6. I slid the rings under the little tabs and it seems secure enough! The pomme is so hard to find I hate to take it back, should I try using it a little bit to see if it stays?
  7. Hmm...do you have pics? I'd have to see to know what you're talking about. I have a pomme agenda and mine seems fine.
  8. My pomme agenda came intact.
  9. i have heard of this happening, try to put it in, and if that doesn't work, and make it ok, return it.
  10. I got it in and it seems fine...but worried now...