Just received a pce note from my store

  1. Mom and I are invited to a pre pce event on Thurs April 28th. I called to RSVP yesterday. Sooo excited :yahoo: pce officially starts on the 29th!
  2. Do you know when the PCE is supposed to end?
  3. Ahhh! That's SO exciting! I already have an idea of what I want :p
  4. Sweet, my hat I've been eyeing will be mine, as well as the nickel sailboat!
  5. Did you receive it via email or reg. mail? Thanks, granny
  6. So that means we should be getting actual PCE coupons next week sometime, yeah? And the new floorset comes out next Tuesday? Talk about good timing. XD Usually they seem to be BEFORE the floorsets come out.
  7. I have no idea when it ends. This is just a handwritten invitation from the sa. I presume the actual pces will start showing up in the next week or so.
  8. Which FP store do you go to?
  9. Perfect! Perfect! Just in time for my birthday!
  10. Polaris. I love the sa's there. The easton store is nice but I buy all my fp bags from Polaris.

    Btw I swear we have to have seen each other irl or will at some point. It seems almost every weekend that you have gone to jville, I happen to have gone there as well.
  11. If you see me, I almost always have a skull fob on my bag! I love Barbra at Easton. She is soooo sweet! I do like the SAs at Polaris too.
  12. Hey, I shop at Polaris and Easton too. I love Barbara too. All of the sa at Polaris and Easton are great and bend over backwards to please their customers.
  13. I have NEVER had anything but great experiences at these two stores. All of the SA's are super nice and accomodating! I have read other people say if they don't get PCE their store will not extend it to them, this has never been a problem with me....I have decided to get more things a week later and still got the discount! Lovemyzoes and rdelrigo we are lucky to have such wonderful SA's!
  14. Hi, You got the handwritten invitation thru the mail? Are all FP stores having the pre-sales for PCE on Thursday the 28th? Oh I hope I get one. :biggrin:
  15. My store seems to not know a thing about any PCE coming up. LOL. Some like to hold it as a secret and my favorite SA wasn't working so oh well. The one today checked my name to see if an invite was mailed and she said no :sad: