Just received a message from NM

  1. ...from Lisa (Jill's SA) and she indicated that NM will only be receiving whiskey, black and ivory paddingtons for the fall/winter season. Their buyers will not be supplying any of the other colors. I am very surprised they are not releasing the chocolate since it is such a popular fall color! :hrmm:
  2. Whew, NM card is saved! That leaves Nordstrom... wonder what they're getting in? Thanks for the update!!
  3. Well that's boring! Thanks for the info though.
  4. I fliped through the Nordstrom look book today - they're getting in a ton! Classic paddy is coming in colours like blue and I think green - I thought i saw one with silver hardware. They're redoing the Betty in shoulder and boxy styles, some with a chain handle. And Edith is coming back as the standard satchel, the Muse/Edith mutant, and a shoulder bag that looks like a vertical file carrier. They have the lookbooks in - have a browse!
  5. Yep, Nordies is getting in the bulk of the collection.
  6. Great! Nordies has the best service!
  7. Ahhh! That sucks! I called Chloe NYC a while ago, and if I remember correctly, they will be carrying whiskey, chocolate and taupe? Seems like they are just as limited! I am bummed that Lisa won't be getting more colors in~ *pouts*
  8. Nawth - do you know if nordstroms will be getting the orange satchel? I can't believe NM is only getting such limited colors!

    BTW - if anyone is looking, saks in chevy chase md has a mousse satchel in stock as of Saturday. The store also carries the matching mocassins - although they are not very comfortable.
  9. I think so - looked like they were getting in almost all colors of the satchel
  10. ^^thank you!
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