Just received a Gucci Gift Catalogue for Valentines Collection

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  1. Did anyone else receive this in the mail? It came with an invitation for a "champagne Valentines Day Celebration" this Friday. It's bbeaauuuttiiifffuuullllll! :heart::heart::heart: Anyone else going?

    Do those of you in the US / UK have this??
  2. I didn't get anything. But I need to stay away for a couple months - LOL! At least my wallet does.
  3. I got in sent to my email...of course the joy bag i want is shown but the rest of the stuff i'm not really feeling
  4. I got the catalog! I ordered two bostons and when those sandals come in I am getting them in silver and gold! YUM!
  5. ^ nice!!! I'm more intersted in the 'champagne event' than anything in the catalogue!!!

    Although black guccissima is very tempting.....
  6. just went to look through my mail when you posted. I love this catalog. The thongs are so adorable.