just received a fake Balenciaga Work...

  1. Oh man.
    The photo's were real and the item is not.


    I even ASKED if the photo's were of the ACTUAL bag ( a f/w 2005 work), to ensure the seller that I knew the scams and she lied and said it was the same bag.
    I recieved a SILVER hardware fake bag with (GAH!) THREE studds on the handles, and thin handles, and no feet... I'm going to CRY.

    I didn't pay with my CC because I sold my 05' Black city for this bag and just transferred the funds :sad:

    I've opened a dispute.
    The seller hasn't responded, but her eBay policy says only exchanges plus a restocking fee.

    Oh man, this :cursing: sucks.
  2. I am not an expert on what to do, but it might be a good idea to take photos now and forward them to eBay/paypal so you get a date/time stamp. That way it will be harder for her to say that you switched the bags. If she sent you a fake bag that is not the same one as in the photos (and lied to you on top of that), you shouldn't have to pay any restocking fees.
  3. Hi, this is awful the seller is a powerseller too :sad: If you have opened a dispute you should have a good outcome. Keep sending messages to the seller ... don't give up on this , good luck x
  4. Winona, you said you didn't pay by credit card but did you use paypal? Hopefully so, but regardless, this seller sold you a FAKE bag. And was a liar in the process. What they did is ILLEGAL and considered fraud, and their "exchanges" only policy is not applicable to this situation. I'm glad you opened a dispute, keep it open and don't bend until you get your money back IN FULL. As I've stated before, I believe you should get your shipping back as well, as you would have never had a fake shipped to you in the first place and the seller SHOULD be out this money as well as they have no business selling fake bags. Period. Stand your ground and I'm rooting for you. This fraud has to stop! :cursing:
  5. She took her photos down - Did you print out the auction with the photos of the bag you were supposed to receive?

    I am so sorry! That is a crock!
  6. ^ there's only one photo left on the auction! and it's NOT the same bag.
  7. EBay will be able to check what was there originally.

    If they have changed the photo of the bag, that is despicable.

    File a dispute and talk to EBay asap, so they can check previous listings.

    If EBay can query items from 12 months ago, like recently happened with a few tPF'ers, they should be able to see that the photographs have been changed.

    That in itself, should be a total BAN.
  8. I see they were accused one other time of sending a different item, but for a much lower $$ amount. Overall, though, only one negative and one neutral feedback...unbelievable!


    If you have not escalated the dispute to a claim yet, I would GO AHEAD and do that to expedite the matter. There is no reason in my mind to wait for a response from the seller ... you received a fake!!!

    BTW, SollyTia - my understanding is they have not changed the one remaining photo of the bag - and the bag pictured is NOT the bag she received. So, there's still at least that much evidence still remaining that she did a bait and switch.

    PRINT/SAVE that auction (in paper & electronic form) now if you haven't already ... at least there is still that one photo!!!
  9. ^ thank you!
  10. but what if they side with her? with the claim? maybe I should wait until she sees I'm onto her, if she offers a refund minus shipping I'll even be happy.
  11. I am so sorry to hear your story:crybaby: In my past experience, If you paid by paypal, you will receive ALL of your funds back, just for the reason being it is "Significantly not as described". I know it is always a crappy feeling when you realized you have been screwed, but I have had 5+ times with similar experiences and EVERY time paypal had sided with me.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for your dispute!
  12. Open a paypal claim immediately!
  13. I am so sorry, stories like this make me physically sick - fight it all the way!!- the best of luck to you!!!!!!
  14. I'm sorry this hapened to you. She's so nasty! Open dispute and kept emailing her. You paid too much and so huuuuuge for fake bag!
  15. Okay, I've opened a claim.
    Thank you everyone!!