Just received a call from the boutique: Edith finally!

  1. After waiting 3 months on the waiting list finally the Edith is in my beloved boutique...
    Sunday i will go to buy it...
    They have received only 2 Edith.. This bag is really hard to find here in Italy..
    But i'm happy!
  2. l_b,

    That's great to hear! Are you super excited? What color did you decide on?
  3. The same as you..
    Hope to love it in real life..
  4. With the Edith you may need to more than 1 to find the "perfect" one for you. That is hard enough to do in the US near impossible for you in Italy. :sad:

    I am very excited for you though. :yes: The whiskey color is a color you'll never see on another bag. Remember to post photos when you get her!
  5. Congrats!
  6. Yea!! Happy you Edith finally arrived. Get there early so you can pick between the two!
  7. Congrats!! You'll love her. I just love mine so much even that I just used it twice but fall will be her time. I was lucky and could choose from abou 6 bags because I was the first in the shop after they called me.
  8. Hi Tanja..
    Today i was thinking about summer outfits for that bag... but it seems that is more a fall winter bag..
  9. l_b, I live in Miami where it is never fall or winter. I wear my Edith with babydoll dresses, tunics and jeans/tshirts, etc. It looks very cute. Also, when I first bought my Edith it was pebbly and smooshy but stiff as well. Now the leather has softened and it attractively "slumps", if that makes sense. I'm attaching another photo of her cus I love her so much...hehe.

    I can't believe I even considered selling her before! Must have been a premenstrual thing. :lol:
  10. Congrats l_b!!! How exciting! This will feel like the longest 3 days.:biggrin:
  11. Congratulations! I love my whiskey Edith, and she was the first one I looked at (the store where I pre-ordered only received THREE total!)...I am sure you will love her! I carry mine with a white t-shirt and jeans and it's really cute! The color is just beautiful.
  12. Thinking of buying Chloe Edith (Whisky) from Luisaviaroma.com, price is at Euro 885. Is it safe to buy from them??? Can somebody tell me if the size available on their site is the small one?? I know the Edith comes in 2 sizes. Thx!!!!
  13. Congrats l_B, I hope you love this bag! You've waited for so long!!!
  14. lea, some fellow PF'ers have ordered from LVR. Although I have no personal experience with them I do believe they sell authentic Chloe.
  15. LVR does sell authentic bags. If you're ordering the classic Edith bag in whiskey - yes, it's the standard size.

    I believe the "smaller" version only came in the blue color.