Just recd my Gussto Setela...My bad luck continues

  1. I don't know if it's a sign from the heavens that I shouldn't be buying any more bags or what. I just received my Gussto Setela which I won on eBay for last week ($435). The bag looked gorgeous in the pics, with very little to no obvious signs of wear and/or damage. So the box arrives this morning, and I anxiously rip it open. I could smell the leather as I removed the tape from the box!! I could barely contain my excitement!

    I open the box, and Voila! Gorgeous looking Gussto Setela. Yummy, yummy leather. I just wanted to wrap myself up & take a nap with it!!! So, as I do with every bag I ever buy, I began my inspection. The leather looks great - no obvious signs of previous wear. Zippers - Eeh - not so nice. A little sticky, and I'm surprised how "flimsy" the inner zipper appears. But still, I can handle that. Canary yellow lining - nice & clean and BRIGHT!! Then I notice the leather GUSTTO label - what's this I see? A small loose stitch. I look at it more closely to see if it's actually just loose, or maybe just a thread overhang and POP! The stitch comes loose - leaving a gap in the leather label. I notice that the label isn't glued or anything. It's simply attached by the stitching, which has now come loose. While looking at it even closer - POP! Another stitch comes loose on the other side, leaving two "naked" spots where stitches should be.

    My fear is that the more I use the bag - reaching inside to take things out & put things in - and the more I use the innner zipper pocket, that more stitches will continue to loosen and pop out and eventually the label will come completely loose or even come off. I think I can restitch it w/a needle & thread - it doesn't look that difficult. And I'm certain that I can take it in & have it repaired. I'm just disappointed that once again there was a problem with a bag I just bought.

    I haven't contacted the seller yet. I looked at the pics again and you can't even see the loose stitch in the photos, but it was there, and my looking at it more closely caused a chain reaction of stitches popping out. Should I just suck it up and fix it myself and not say anything? Or, should I let the seller know? I really love the bag & I intend to use it (immediately!). I don't want to come off as ungrateful or anything, but it was really disappointing (and a part of me blames myself for looking at it closely in the first place!)

    My Gryson is supposed to be here tomorrow (it got delayed :sad:) - I hope there's nothing wrong with that bag and it lifts my spirits, otherwise, I don't think I will buying any more bags for a while - first my Kooba Sienna arrive & there was a big question of authenticity, and a general let down. Then I got a Junior Drake from Nordstroms that was damaged & I had to return. Then I got a Hayden Harnett Triple Strap Satchel (new from eBay), that had scratches in the leather, and now this. Is someone trying to tell me something???
  2. I wouldn't buy as much on eBay. Pictures can't capture everything. Best to go to the store and inspect the bag for yourself before you buy online. Or stick to the stores when you buy. Nothing beats being able to return if you have different feelings once its at home with you!

    I hope you love your Gryson!
  3. Argghhh! I just realized the bag's missing the Gustto luggage tag! How did I miss that in the pics? I guess that's my fault for not catching it sooner.
  4. Yeah, I think ebay is better for people like me, who just aren't that picky about the condition of their bags (I know I'll probably mess it up soon enough anyway!). I would just sew the tag back in.... the Gustto leather scratches so easily anyway that even the in-store models are often marked up, so if that looks good, I'd count my blessings. :drool:
  5. But ebay is so much more fun than going to a boring old store. Part of my handbag addiction is the pursuit of the deal. Iluvmybags, I would ignore the label until it falls off by itself and regarding the luggage tag, what is with that anyway? I never know what to do with these little knick-knacks that are attached to bags. I usually take them off and leave them in the inside zipper pocket in case I ever figure out what they're for.
  6. That is too bad but I guess I would just suck it up. There are a few of us around who LOVE our Gusttos but realize they have their problems. We love the smushy, wonderful smelling leather so we sacrfice and accept the not so great "ghetto" lining, the ill stitched parts and inadequate inner zippers.
    Not really the Ebay sellers fault. I almost dread the thought of ever trying to sell a Gustto on Ebay if I chose to sell one of mine. I would feel responsible to spell out that the bags have these flaws that are just inherant. I can imagine there are alot of Gustto buyers who think they got a fake after one look at the lining. Their lining has a fake bag lining look if ever I saw one.

    Hope your Gryson is better. Just love your Gustto and use it. I personally could care less about the tag. I take mine off anyway.
  7. I agree that part of my handbag addiction is the pursuit of the deal. However, I also agree that shopping on ebay is difficult if you are really picky. Pictures can't capture minor defects that would bother me (and it sounds like, you) but wouldn't bother other people.

    Try hunting for bag deals at outlets, thats what I do, and you still get that same bargain pursuit thrill.
  8. I would accept the minor flaw on an otherwise great bag.

    If you don't wish to do the sewing yourself, use a good shoe repair shop to do so, problem solved.
  9. I agree with what you've all said. I really do like the bag a lot - in fact, I've already switched out & carried the bag to work tonight! (Aahh! I can smell the leather from where I'm sitting!:drool:). I was just initially disappointed becuz of everything that's gone wrong with my last few handbag purchases - it just seemed like, "Now What?". If I hadn't been so anal in the first place & examined every centimeter of the bag, maybe it wouldn't have even been an issue!! But it happened & I was just worried that the stitches would continue popping out & eventually the tag would fall off.

    As for the luggage tag, it's not that big a deal. The seller tells me that the bag didn't come with one, but she has a few friends that have caramel gustto bags - she's going to check around & see if anyone is willing to part with it. Otherwise, I told her I was just going to contact Gustto & see if maybe I can get a caramel luggage tag and a sleeper bag from them. It's not that important, but I just like those kinds of handbag "accessories" I think things like luggage tags (Gussto), chains/charms (Hayden Harnett), Key fobs (Mulberry) and tassels (Balenciaga/bulga) just add a little bit of charm & personality to a purse. if I can find one, great - If not, no biggie.

    I had heard that the workmanship on Gustto bags really left something to be desired, and I do agree that it's definitely the leather that sells these bags. It really is heaven! I really like the hardware too and I think the size, shape and weight of the bag is very practical. I was prepared for the lining - altho I don't think it's THAT bad. Black, ivory or grey would be a much better color choice, but the yellow's not too bad.
    The zippers tho, that's a little surprising. The outer (main) zipper isn't too bad (a little "sticky"), but the inner zipper - WOW! Now that's some cheap zipper!!! I actually had to look it up online and make sure that's how it was supposed to look!!! Couldn't they have AT LEAST put another piece of leather on there to act as a zipper pull? Even a little bit bigger pull would be better than the stumpy, little gold pull that's on there - I can barely grab on to it with my chubby fingers!!!

    Oh well, that leather - AAhhh! I can still smell it! - that leather makes it all worth it. I do luv the bag and will probably add a parina to my collection sometime soon. Now, hopefully my gryson won't have anything wrong with it, and I can FINALLY celebrate a handbag delivery :sweatdrop:- Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll let you all know how it goes!
  10. I just have to ask you, who did you get the gryson from? I got totally scammed!!! But I would be happy with the Gustto if it is real. I now know that authenticity is hard to come by on ebay!!!!
  11. So I contacted Gustto today about a sleeper bag & luggage tag. What wonderful customer service! (and I didn't even buy a brand new handbag!). I was told to just send them an email letting them know what I needed. Within an hour, I got an email back with a USPS tracking number! How's that for service! I am really impressed!
  12. That's cool to know. I know Bessie got a Gustto from a Sample sale and never got a Dustbag. That was awfully nice of them.

    I agree ILuvmyBags....Gustto lining would look so much less ghetto if it was in a darker more neutral color.
  13. The leather on the Gustto is quite nice, but they don't really seem like real handbag makers to me. There are lots of sloppy details going on on their bags compared to other more seasoned designers. Maybe they will work on their quality issues and basic leather working techniques as they gain more experience and more customers telling them what works and what doesn't. Right now it just seems kind of amateurish.
  14. I can tell you who to contact if she wants to send them an email asking for a sleeper. All she has to do is send an email to Kristina at Gustto. Just have her tell them which bag she has so they send the proper size.

    I also saw the Bacca last night at Nordstroms, and I have to agree w/you Lexie. It is a much nicer bag in person. Interestingly, the leather on the Bacca is a little bit different than the leather on my Setela and the other bags they had. The salesgirl said the Baccas that they have a little bit older than the other bags (they had a Parina and a Molia, I think, although they called a Large Shopper - no Setelas). The leather on the Bacca was much softer and maybe a little thinner than the rest. It did make me think about getting one sometime down the road!
  15. I feel your pain, iluvmybags. Though it sounds like you're getting reprive from Gustto.

    You seem very detailed and expect a lot from your bags. I do too. And that's why I don't buy from eBay. For $400+, I'd go to Neiman, Saks, Shopbop.com, Delcina.com. I sleep better at night.