Just rec'd first Chanel medium caviar flap...is this normal?

Oct 17, 2006
hi ladies,
after review all the lovely chanels here. i've decided to get my very first chanel medium caviar flap bag in caviar. just wondering if this is normal?
1) the flap inside..what is the purpose and is it normal that the inside "C"s are a bit wrinkles or crease? The one I recd' is a bit creased or wrinkles.
I would like to go back and exchange for a whole new one..but not sure if it's normal

2) zipper on the flap...waht is the use for it?? thx


Jun 1, 2007
Can you take pictures of the wrinkles/creasing? That eventually happens to Chanel flaps over time, even if you baby your bags. I wouldn't be too worried.

The zipper on the flap is a little pocket that some say Coco Chanel used to hold love letters. Really though, you can stick whatever papers or random things in there, or just leave it be.


As for your other thread on hardware, I would personally get silver hardware.
Congrats on your First Chanel, horray :party:~ What color did you get? Would love to see your model pix :yes:

#1-yes, because when it's closed, the CC part is forced to curve, so it's normal for the CC to have crease, even it's Caviar

#2-Just to look good? Lol, i honestly don't think you can fit anything in there...

Enjoy your baby! Caviar Flaps will last you decades!


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Jun 24, 2007
Chanel Land
Is that where she hid her love letters? I always thought it's the little space behind the main compartment. Ok, let me move my love letters to the right place then. :blush: