Just rebought a breadmaker - book recommendations for whole grains?

  1. Eons ago (like 1o years ago) we got a breadmaker and initially we used it nearly daily, but... I always felt it had a weird texture and it didn't handle REALLY heavy whole grain breads well. Eventually, like 4 years ago I gave it away to my best friend when we moved because it had been sitting on my counter for three years and NEVER touched.

    Then, I bought a REALLLLLLY nice mixer to use for baking (better than KitchenAid) and while I LOVE This thing and it can make huge batches (8 qt capacity). I still don't make bread with it regularly because it's time consuming to be there for each step.

    So... during the holidays during another Amazon.com lightening deal I got the top rated breadmaker for an unbelievably low price. But... I have no breadmaker cookbook!

    I want ONLY whole grains as that's what we eat 99% of the time. The book I had eons ago was great, but I gave it to my best friend too and it's pretty dated as it was used when I got it 10 years ago!

    Suggestions! And... do any of you take the dough out and just bake in your oven for better texture? I'm trying to save money here from STOPPING the trips to the bread store!
  2. I don't really have any great suggestions for you, I've found all the kinds of bread I've tried from the bread making machine fairly disgusting. I don't even use it anymore, there was just something odd about the texture and even the flavor, IMO. But my parents have one too, and they usually make their bread from pre-made flour mix. I don't like the way theirs taste either, sorry :p
  3. Oh, no! Same experience I felt! DH thinks I'm nuts and he LOVED the homemade (well machine made bread).

    Darn.... I'm so torn about this (and the rice cooker). I could go to eBay and get twice what I paid for these and I'm leaning in that direction. I haven't even removed them from their boxes... just thinking - to keep or not to keep.

    I admit, I am a TOTAL food snob. I like QUALITY, so having "less than par" bread won't cut it with me! Sigh...

    My mixer I adore and I use it quite a bit (I actually have two - this one, the Electrolux dlx2000 and the KA artisan) and it would make AWESOME bread, but.... I would have to be there to deal with the punching down and the putting it in the pan and such... I've actually thought SERIOUSLY about getting a clay oven insert to make a better/crisper dough on homemade breads so they come out more like artisan breads... and I'm a really good bread maker, even by hand, but... if you NEVER do it (or only like ONCE A YEAR), then it hardly counts! Sigh... what to do, what to do...
  4. My parents like the machine made bread too, I don't get how they're able to miss the fact that it tastes really weird :p but if your hubby loves the bread, why not keep the machine for him? :flowers: I honestly prefer to run out to the bakery and get bread in the morning, or I buy some whole grain baguettes, put them in the freezer and re-heat them in the morning. It only takes a few minutes, and it tastes delicious :flowers:
  5. Tis true... DH would love me forever! LOL

    Well... bread here is way expensive. They are $5 to $8 a loaf and these are SMALL loaves and wouldn't last more than a day in most cases. So, going daily would mean $35 to $56 a WEEK on bread alone. Do you know how fast that breadmaker and/or a clay insert for the oven would pay itself off? Right quick!
  6. I have a breadmaker and I love it.!!! I don't know what I would do without it. I make all kinds of things with it...white bread, french bread, banana bread, pizza dough, pita bread, dinner rolls.

    I love this...I don't think I could have survived the past year without it!!