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  1. That my new sequins Audrey did not come with a price tag and don't know why? Did they remove it? Is it a sales tecnique to not let me return it? I have already called to get another NEW with tag one. This has never happened to me
  2. It was probably an accident. You can still return a bag without the tags as long as it is in new condition, so it is not a sales technique. If it happens again don't stress about it.
  3. I think the OP was speaking of an incident that happened before you were a member.I think it may have been with Emliybug, not too sure.But there was a Thread about this.The FP store had removed the tags Before they put the purse in the bag.So this has happened in the past.I would do what you are going to do.Take it in and get another one, so that you cover yourself!
  4. Did they do it on purpose to prevent the person from returning it? :wtf:
  5. I won't speak on someone elses behalf.I was just saying that I remember an incident with this happening.It is odd that there was no tag though.:wondering
  6. happened to me too this weekend when i got my gunmetal carryall. i got home and noticed no tag anywhere, plus glue all over it, and i just didn't end up liking it anyways and i went back the first thing next morning and returned it.
  7. Okay, I hope that wasn't the case. At least in my store, we take returns without tags all the time so I see no reason to deliberately take the tags off.

    I can speak to a reason that a tag might actually get left off. Bags are shipped in plastic bags that have the style number/ color code on a sticker outside the bag so we can tell what it is in the stockroom. If something happens to the original plastic bag (sometimes the outer tag just falls off, or if we unwrap it to take on the floor and dispose the original bag, or if it is returned) then a different plastic bag is used to store it and the tag is cut off and taped on the outside of the plastic bag so that the style number and color code are visible. I imagine that this is what happened to the OP's bag and the SA forgot to retrieve the tag from the plastic it was wrapped in. This is the most likely scenario that I can come up with. Of course, anything is possible.
  8. coach takes bags with the tags attached or without..it's not a part of their policy that you MUST have the tags attached (like netaporter or theoutnet) but it must be new...........

    it's understandable that there is bound to be bags without tags attached because some would buy and snip the tag and then return....is coach suppose to swallow that everytime it happens? even if it's new and sellable condition? given the amount of turnarounds witnessed on here it's definitely feasible that you'd come across that bag when purchasing..you might even have brought a bag a fellow tpfer returned ;) (ESP at the outlets..I've seen some of this happen, well not see but read of)

    I would not think of it as a personal thing though--it just happens.
  9. It was me that it happened to.
    I had a gold leather Kristin hobo which started flaking after I'd used if for less than a week. I took it in, wanting to do an exchange, and got the runaround and was told that it had to be sent in for "repair". I left it at the store, came home, and got really frustrated, since I'd only purchased the bag less than a month prior. I went back the next day and told them I did not want to wait for a "repair" and would like to exchange. I got the black leather Kristin instead, and realized the next day that the tag was not attached. It was loose inside the inner zipper pocket, which made me think that it either was the floor model or a return. I did not call or go back to the store. Instead I wrote a letter to corporate regarding the entire incident.

  10. Really? My outlets have told me that if a tag is removed it can't be returned. And they have done this twice to me( Cut the tags without me asking them to.)