Just realized I was gifted a HAYDEN-HARNETT!!!!

  1. I know this is going to sound really bad...but I am pretty new to tpf and I am discovering some designers that I have never even heard of before. I like to think of myself as purse saavy, I own LV's, Gucci's and Chanel. I thought I knew it all! Well, I just graduated college and for one of my gifts I received the bag I posted. I looked on the inside and saw the Hayden Harnett label and thought...hmm this is nice. I didn't give it much thought and then I saw some people posting about Hayden bags and I flipped. I had a total realization that my bag is an AWESOME bag!!! :yahoo:I am still in shock and have to contain myself since I am at my desk at work right at this second!! I loved the bag before, but now it is one of my favorites!

  2. wow, what a nice gift--who gave it to you? i love the gaza!
  3. Ohhh, that is an awesome gift! I love all of the pockets. Looks like it would be a great work bag.
  4. That's so great princess! I am waiting on delivery of that very same bag and am really thrilled that you love it! Congrats! Whoever gave you that bag deserves a great big hug and thank you. They have great taste!!
  5. It was actually from a great-aunt that I NEVER see!! She lives in West Palm Beach and buys real estate like all day, so all she does is shop! She came up to MA for my grad party and I know this isn't a shoe forum, but she had the most beautiful Pink Suede Manolo Blahnik sandals...TDF!! :drool: So I think I am going to invite her to more stuff from now on!! jk jk jk (well kinda!)
  6. LOL! What a "great" great-aunt you have. Lucky girl! Write her a lovely thank you note, tell her how much you enjoy bags and shoes and how much you appreciate her taste. It could be the start of a fun, new, long-distance friendship for you two.
  7. Wow, nice gift!! Congratulations. HH bags are nifty.
  8. Wow!! You are a lucky, lucky girl!! :tup:
  9. awesome gift! i love that bag!
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful new HH bag! What a sweet and generous great-aunt you must have. Enjoy her...and the bag.
  11. What a cool Auntie! She sounds like she has a good eye for things....wish mine did!