Just realised - one year anniversary today!!


Jan 5, 2006

Just wanted to say a big thanks to Vlad, Megs and everyone for making this place so fab. I've learned SOOOOO much on here, but as well as all the knowledge I've gained, I also wanted to thank all the people that have wished me, and my extended animal family, well over the year.

It's a fab place to be, and my biggest regret is that I only get to spend about half an hour on here every (work) day. Mind you, if I wasn't so restricted, I'd probably be on here all the time!!

Thanks everyone for being such a gang of sweeties!!


I have a ways to reach a year, Kathleen. It's nice here, isn't it? I'm sure I can't comprehend the work it takes to keep things running smoothly, but like you, I appreciate it!