Just read the Handbags&Purses forum "the most expensive bag you own" My MBMJ musings

  1. And many women said many great things. I saw some people putting the smack down on Ewwie Vuitton, Coach, Chanel and more. Lots of discussion on how some bags are the cost of a small car etc etc

    Anyhoo, I was musing to myself and wanted to say as an avid MBMJ fan, I have always felt I was paying a fair price for a top quality item, like the turnlock teri I bought today...yummy leather, totally functional for school and play and a decent price (428).

    The moral of this very short story:

    Aint no bag of mine gonna be breaking my bank account
  2. LOL!!!!
  3. I agree, I think MBMJ are top quality and worth their price... esp the turnlock line. The leather is buttery soft and well made.
  4. Yah me too! But marcjacobsamy said that the teri is not well made at all....kinda freaked me out. I thought it was a PriMo bag that would last for years...is it? or no?
  5. I'm not a sage on luxury bags, but when I was looking for a good looking leather bag MbMJ was the most reasonably priced. I recently bought a turnlock hobo in black and I love it. I know if the bag was by any other designer (apart from may be Cole Haan, Coach or D & B etc) the price would have been a lot more.

    As for the quality, it's funny, I do lurk in other forums and I read complaints about the quality on other brands as well.

    Nothing is indestructable!