Just read SA's get no "credit" for kelly/birkin sales..

  1. I was searching past threads trying to get info & I came upon this. Is this true? :wtf: I mean I'm considering a Kelly & I know my SA would put in some serious time helping me choose one. She was the one who actually directed me to a Kelly, when I was looking at an evelyne. This would make me not feel so bad about buying used or from a reseller.
  2. Not true. They do get credit for the sale.
  3. Maybe you're referring to comission vs. credit. The sale goes to their individual sales quota (credit) but the commission is shared by all of the SAs at the boutique.
    Birkins and Kellys kind of tend to sell themselves! hehe
  4. I've got no cred...why should they have some? LOL!
  5. i guess w/ birkins and kellys, it's an inelastic demand and no need to convince anyone to buy it when it's on backorder often :smile:
  6. Ok, so they get no commission, but they get credit? What does sales credit get them? (can you tell I've never worked sales or retail?)
  7. ^ They just need to maintain a sales quota like most retail SAs.
  8. As anyone who works in a sales or service industry will tell you, NOTHING sells itself. Sure birkin bags are hard to get, but there is a big difference between selling one in a hour, and selling one in a week. These stores are paying enormous rent in large cities...in some places, millions of dollars a month rent. They have to move merchandise. There is always some sort of incentive ..."credit" or "quota" is a nice way of saying, you have to sell a certain number to have, uh, continued employment, or to continue at your present compensation level.
    Given the reaction I have seen of SAs after selling birkin bags or kelly bags, they clearly have incentives...Once I saw a sales lady scream with joy after she a gentleman she was helping, walked out with a $14K ostrich kelly bag.
  9. THAT must have been a sight to see!!
  10. ^^^ Yes, lol!
  11. Jedimaster, yes I get your point and I know that also...all I'm saying is when something is on backorder often, obviously the demand exceeds the supply. Thus, compared to items that are hard to sell, hermes bags have a less elastic demand, and thus, corporates can definitely get buy with giving less incentives. Of course nothing sells itself, not even at a Walmart...If someone's buying a $14k bag, he/she will want to have some kind of service, which is where SAs come in...
    From experience, I've seen less SAs trying to "lure" customers into buying something at Hermes as compared with SAs in other handbag stores. Hermes SAs tend to be more helpful as in helping customers find the most fitting bag. They don't really act like regular sales people...Just my two cents :smile:

  12. I agree with you - the Hermes sales staff is extremely professional. I also think there is a strong teamwork culture which you dont see in other stores.
  13. No, sales associates DO NOT get commission OR credit for a Birkin or Kelly sale, at least that is how it is in 95% of the stores in the US (Madison is different, maybe Beverly Hills and Las Vegas too). For example, if a SA in my store sells a Birkin... it is rung up under a "dummy" SA # (every store has one) that is used just for Birkin/Kelly sales. BUT, the dollars from that sale do go towards the total store sales in which the SAs do get a % of that total that is divided equally among our 4 SA's.
  14. ^^ Oh , so that's why the Kelly/Birkins are always rung up separately even if other items are purchased at the time.