Just rang the Lodon MJ store ROP

  1. and he said that they couldn't order me my light grey zip clutch, and said that the london store will get it at the same time as everywhere else, but I saw a ZC in LG on eluxury! Does anyone know if this is available in the stores?
  2. Try Liberty in London, they had lots of MJ incl blue and grey ZC last Sat
    Tel 020 7734 1234 (sorry dont know ext.)
  3. thank you :smile: I was just really shocked, how is the ZC in rl?
  4. Gorgous, but not keen on the gold h/w. if it had been silver, I'd given it a good home :yes:
  5. Lol! That's what I want to check out, to make sure i like it, i think i might just take a trip to london for my bday just to check it out... lol
  6. MJ boutique in SF had the light grey ZC as of saturday. ask for quan (kwan?).