just rang nordstrom so confused please help!

  1. Hi, there is a berry venetia I have my eye on on eBay and it is 14x9, I thought they were supposed to be bigger? Anyway I just rang Nordstrom and they had two berry mj bags, both had pockets on the front but no strap so the blake I guess, anyway they were different sizes, one was bigger than the other, I thought they only ever made the venetia and blakes in one size? Does anyone know about this? Which should I get? Is the size of the venetia on eBay ok? As I prefer the venetia really! Also, which of the blakes would be the same size as the venetia? The large or the smaller one? PLEASE HELP!!!!:yes:
  2. Or maybe the bag was an MP? Those came in two sizes. Did she say whether or not there were pockets on the side? Sometimes it's so hard to talk to these SAs, they have no idea what the names of these bags are.
  3. She didn't say she just said that yesterday they sold one with two pockets and a flap obviously the venetia and the ones she had now were in two sizes and had two pockets and one zip at the top, I thought the blake had two zips at the top, this is so confusing! Just going to get the one from eboutique as wont have to pay huge customs charge hopefully! She is selling two and has sold really nice things so I am SURE its not fake I just dont know why she is selling them for so little!
  4. What is eboutique?
  5. It's a seller on eBay, the seller of the berry Venetia
  6. Ok I am ready to pay for the bag form eboutique just one thing still niggling me, was te berry venetia made in two sizes as it is 14 x 9 and everywhere else venetias are 16 x 12 which is a big difference, I dont want to buy a bag that is too small, please can anyone with a venetia measure it for me or let me know if there ever were two sizes PLEASE!!! thanks