just put myself on the waitinglist for Birkin

  1. Dear All
    After seeing all your amazing collection, I just totally fell in love with birkin. Finally , I found a prefect reason for me to get a birkin. I need to get one for my mom's sixty's birthday in 7 years....(please don't laugh at me, i know it takes a long time to finally get one, and I just can't find any other reason for me to walk into that place and told them that I need to get on the waitinglist).
    So, I heard many TPFers here and my friends saying that the SAs in Hermes are snorbish sometimes, so, yes, I put on my finest clothes, and did a nice makeup for myself...:shame: ,and took my mom together to the hermes in Shanghai. (I also heard that the waitlinglist has been closed here)
    Ok, so, I stepped in, and looked at one SA who seems to be the oldest there, (still young, just looks more professional), I tried to put my voice in a very elegant way, (with my hearting bumping so fast), "Do you still have the waitinglist open". I was ready for the "no", to my surprise, she said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that just made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is so extra nice. Since my mom does not know anything about Birkin, I asked her to take out the leather catelogue, and told had her explain to my mom what leather and what color would be nice...
    Well, in the end, we decided to get a TOGO, golden, 35, golden hardware!!!!!!!!!!
    Although she told me that there would be at least three years, but I dont' mind, I like the painful waiting process!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you ladies!!!!!It is you all that help me step in this H Heaven!!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. good luck! i hope you and your mom get the bag soon. :smile: now all you can do is wait, and visit the H boutique every once in a while to say hi to your SA and develop a relationship.
  3. wow......so waiting list in Shanghai is still open......
    i think i need to make a phone call to my friend in Shanghai ^ ^
    hope your mom's bag(or yours) is coming soon~
  4. Good luck !!!
    Three years to wait ??? It's long...but you'll be sooo happy when you'll have your birkin .....
  5. Hm....my parents will be in China in a couple weeks....What are the odds of convincing them of an early grad gift :graucho:. Does anyone know if the pricing is higher in China than the US?
  6. Congrats!! You'll appreciate the bag more after all that wait :yes:.
  7. congratulations! 35cm Gold togo - what a wonderful choice for your 1st Birkin bag!
  8. How exciting!! Gold 35 togo GH is w gorgeous 1st choice! Good luck!!
  9. What an amazing daughter!! Your mother must be thrilled (not just about the bag) but to have raised such a loving generous young woman! Congrats to you both!
  10. Congrats!!! Sounds like you had a lovely experience at H...
  11. Thank you for all!!!!
    Your nice replies just made me almost cry!!!! You also made me feel I made just a good choice !!thank you!!!
    Let me devote my little knowledge for your questions.
    It is odd that they did put me on the waitinglist, that is why i said they just made my day!!
    For this birkin that i wanted, it is around 78,000 RMByuan, so the convert rate now is 7.74, so it is around 10077 US dollar if that helps.
    And, in Shanghai H boutique, there is a 35cm, birkin, togo, orange, golden hardware, if anyone is interested.
    once again, love you all, I am just too happy !!!!
    But, sad thing is, i just realized , i forgot to ask my SA'a name......what can I do.......:sweatdrop: I guess i was too thrilled that time, hehe
  12. I heard that this particular bag is for display only, and not for sale. :s
  13. really? hm, I saw it there for a while, never realize it is because it is only for display.
    my bad....:sweatdrop:
  14. What a teaser!

    hmm...they might sell it to "very special" customer? :graucho: just a wild shot :p
  15. feel really bad for someone really want that color!!!!! IT is gorgeous!!