Just put my name down

  1. I was told by my friends that JPG is going to be discontinued. So I look everywhere now to get my first Hermes. Today I got a call from SA from Hermes store that they are going to open the list and I am #30 on the list for JPG.Well, of coz, the waiting time is about 2 yrs. But seems liek JPG is still going to be there for a while. But I just want one NOW.

    Sorry about the long whining...:P
  2. The wait may vary from store to store... and sometimes the bags come in faster, do you have access to more than one boutique? I think you should be able to get one faster...esp, if you are in europe.
  3. Or if you really, really can't wait go the reseller route.
  4. Don't worry Chloe...good things come to those who wait :smile: You'll get yours when the timing is right :smile: