just put in my podium order . . . (silly grin)

  1. for a raisin chevre sellier kelly 35. :heart:

    i thought they would tell me no way for those specs, but she thinks it might be accepted!! i have a raisin chevre kabana and i just love it SOOOO much that a want a kelly like it.

    my back-up leather is raisin box, not too shabby itself.

    now i just have to sit back and wait 2 years. :cursing:
  2. Congratulations!! either one would be stunning!!! love raisin!!!! :drool:
  3. OH WOW DQ! I cant wait to see this beauty. Dont worry 2 years can fly by really fast. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  4. Congrats, woman! By the time you get the bag, we should have some free time to grab some dinner.
  5. INCREDIBLE! I hope you get it! Sounds amazing!
  6. wooohooo! sounds fab!
  7. Raisin is a fab color for you!!!
  8. Sounds wonderful! I hope you get it soon!
  9. thanks, everyone -- here's the inspiration for my order:


    HG, i may be able to make it to the temple for next friday's meeting -- fingers crossed!
  10. Oh my, that sounds stunning! Congrats! :heart:
  11. funny, it doesn't show up quite right -- that's a little too bright and too purple.
  12. Awesome, DQ!! My first choice was rouge H chevre, but my SA (did you order through little Alaska or big Alaska?) didn't think it would go through. I've got my fingers crossed that it will take less than two years to receive your raisin treat!
  13. Sounds fabulous! As I´m still a beginner, enlighten me; why would that colour/leather combo Kelly take a long time to produce? I can certainly understand why you´ve drawn inspiration from that, gorgeous!
  14. CONGRATS!!! Raisin in chevre is sooo YUMMY!!!!
  15. little alaska -- my big alaska SA left and i haven't really gotten to know my new one yet.

    i'd like the order to come in in january -- any january, when i've just gotten my year-end bonus. :p