Just purchased my first Stam!!!!!!!

  1. Very nice! I love Stams. Maybe this won't be your last. I don't think I could have too many Stams...I keep seeing colors I love.
  2. Gorgeous!!! I have this same Stam but in Green. You'll love it I'm sure. Let us know when it arrives!! :tup:
  3. great color! are you sure this will be your one and only stam??? never say never!
  4. Gawjus! Enjoy! :flowers:
  5. congrats! that color is so pretty.
  6. Gorgeous!!! I love the color...congrats! Are you sure this will be your last stam? ;) This "addiction" is very hard to break. LOL.
  7. Congrats! Such a lovely bag.
  8. Congrats, love the color! We won't quote you on it being your last :graucho:, enjoy it :flowers:
  9. awesome bag! lovely :smile:
  10. I searched everywhere for that bag, trying to find it on sale. I even had that auction on my watch list (and then I found a Patchwork Stam instead). I love the rich, deep blue quilting & the contrast of the brighter, royal blue stitching - I'm still hoping to find one some day (maybe I'll get lucky!)

    Congrats on a gorgeous bag which you can most definitely use year round!
  11. Thanks everyone! I searched everywhere for the blue - calling like a maniac all over the country to various stores! Does anyone else do things like this? What one won't do for a Stam....
  12. ^Haha, trust me, you are not alone. I went through the same thing for my bordeaux blake. It feels so great though once you get your bag...you can see the result of your "hard work" ;)