Just purchased my first LV (Suhali Fabuleux)

  1. Hi, my name is India, I am obsessed with designer bags, and have been lurking here for several months now. I have a lower-end designer collection (lots of Kate Spade, Burberry, Isabella Fiore, etc.) but nothing really outstanding until now. DH wanted to get me a really special present so I have been scoping out bags on line and in person for the past few months.

    I have looked at everything, from the traditional to the trendy (LV, Fendi, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Celine, YSL, Chloe, even Hermes). Nothing said special to me as much as LV (I know the Hermes are more exclusive but I didn't LOVE them), but there are so many fakes out there that I despaired, figuring everyone would just assume it was fake if I got one.

    I fell in love with the Suhali Fabuleux and ordered it (in black-- I loved the white too but I have two small kids) from Bal Harbour, FL two weeks ago on vacation. It came on Friday and I am SOOO thrilled. I love how it has a discrete name/logo on the front, the gorgeous brass hardware, and the logo lining. I love the pockets, it is perfect for someone like me who is always digging for keychains, etc. I have only seen one fake version of this online, so I'm hoping it's unique enough that it's not copied too much. I am so excited, I just can't wait to use it. I actually cried the night we purchased it, and stayed home from work for two days to make sure I didn't miss the Fedex package.

    The only thing I am not happy about is that they sent it in a plain cardboard box, in the dust cover but without an LV box. I have never purchased a bag from an LV store before (I did get one as a present when I was a kid, and I have a vintage monogram suitcase but that was purchased at auction), but I have purchased other items and they always came with a box. Would LV experts mind telling me if I should call to complain, or are they always shipped this way? I was not thrilled with the customer service at this store and ended up wishing I had waited to buy it until I got home, but now that it's here I love it so much I don't want to send it back. My mother says I should take it to my local LV boutique, show them the receipt and ask for a box, but I figure they'll say, "You didn't buy it here."

    Oh well, thanks for reading, this has been a very glorious moment and I needed to share with people who would understand,

  2. I would say something to them ..AFTER spending that much money on the LeFab they should have gave you a box and a BOW on it ....I would call and speak to a Manager..
    ANYWAY You bought a GREAT bag and I wish you luck with it. I have one and LOVE it so much..Enjoy your new Baby
  3. You should call your SA from the LV boutique you purchased it from. Let them know you didn't get an LV box, which I find ridiculous since you just bought a bag worth more than $2,000. I don't think that would be a problem.

    Do you have pics of your Le Fab? Please post pics for us!!!
  4. First off, congratulations on your first LV! And Suhali ~ yummy! I think I agree with your mother. I would definitely take it to your local LV and explain the situation. Suhali pieces are not cheap and you should have received a box and proper packaging. It's an event to open up a package from LV in this house and I would not have been happy if I didn't get a box :rant:

    I'm sure they will be courteous to you.
  5. Welcome to the forum first off and congrat's on such a dreamy bag.
    We'd love to see pic's if you dont mind :smile:
  6. CONGRATS on your new bag!!!:love: And WELCOME to the forum!!!:flowers:
  7. Wow, great choice for your first LV! Congrats :smile:

    You should have been given a box. I agree with pursegalsf, call your SA at the LV you purchased the bag from and let them know you did not receive a box. Or, take the bag with the receipt into your local LV boutique and see if they can help you. Good luck!
  8. i love the suhali line. congrats. love to see a pic
  9. Welcome and congrats!!! What a great bag. I'd love to get one of those someday!! Enjoy!!!
  10. That was the featured bag in the window of the LV flagship store in Paris! I loved it, it is gorgeous!! I am both jealous and thrilled for you!!
  11. Thanks, ladies, for the great replies. My husband is getting a new digital camera on Sunday so when he gets it I will post pics. (I'd love to make it my avatar but that is probably beyond my technical skills.)

    I appreciate the comments on the box-- I thought it was unbelievable that they did not send me a box but as this is a new experience for me I didn't know if I was expecting too much or not.


  12. I agree with all the other posts but just wanted to add my congrats and welcome!!
  13. Welcome to the PF!
  14. Or if they really won't give you a box, return it and buy it on Elux =)
  15. Congratulations India on your new le fab. I also have one in black and it's one of my most used bags. I agree they should have given you the box since the le fab is 3k+. But you won't have any trouble. Just ask for one at your boutique or call the 1 866 VUITTON# and have them send you one. And welcome to the PF.:smile: V