Just purchased my first lambskin Chanel item! Rop


Nov 6, 2006
I bought my first lambskin Chanel item, the classic large wallet :yahoo:
I'm a little nervous to use it because I know its the more delicate leather. Any tips on how to prevent major scratches etc whilst using it? For example, I was wandering whether to place my keys in a separate compartment to prevent excessive scratching. Thanks so much!


Jan 15, 2007
If your wallet came with a larger piece of felt like mine did, it c an be wrapped it around the wallet to protect it. The alternative is not to give a whap and just use it and when it needs to be spa'd, it needs to be spa'd. Use it whichever way you choose and enjoy it immensely :smile:

But before using I would protect it with LVMG cream protector which repels any sort of staining from oil, liquid.


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Jul 9, 2008
ive had mine for almost 2 years now... and have rarely used it.. i think 2-3 times (2 days at a time). it's too delicate for me :sad: maybe i will sell it


Dec 27, 2008
Congrats on your 1st lambskin! There's no turning back now. A Chanel lambskin is luxury at its best. You won't ever want anything else. Don't be afraid to use your bag. Lambskin isn't as delicate as most people think. As long as you're careful with your bag, you should be fine. How about putting your keys in your pocket or buying a keyholder so that it won't scratch/dent the inside of your purse? Enjoy your new bag!


May 5, 2008
congrats on your first lambskin chanel!!
I own a black lambskin wallet for about almost 2 years now, and it really doesn't scratch that easily... i put it in my bag along with my keys, and sometimes throw it around, nothing really happened to it, but I will probably worry more about the color fading around the edges than it getting scratched. It has the camellia pattern embossed on the exterior, so that also might be a reason why it's very hard to tell even if there are scratches. I say just enjoy your wallet!!