Just purchased my first Balenciaga and I have a couple of questions...

  1. I need to know if I have to use a leather protector on it first (if so, which do you recommend). Also, do you travel with your b-bags? I'm just a little nervous my new bag will get mucked up going thru the xray machine if it gets smooshed or scratched. I bought the mini bowler, btw :smile:
  2. Oooh what color?? Please post pics if you can :party:

    I know some ladies use Appleguard (leathergoods.com ??) and/or LMB products. Some ladies have had problems with one or the other though. Eek!

    I personally haven't treated my vert yet. However, I just ordered LMB For Handles Only b/c I'm nervous of darkening handles and haven't read any negatives about that particular LMB product.

    You may want to do a search of those products as it's been discussed many times and I read some good info when I did searches :yes:
  3. Hi Verty...thanks for the response. I bought the mini bowler in black. I'm boring :smile: Anyway, I'll try to post pics soon. Thanks!
  4. I don't know about treating the bags but I have traveled with my Weekender.

    Just make sure you tuck in the tassels when it goes through the xray machine. Most times they do not let you put your bag in a bin so the tassels could get tangled if not tucked in.
  5. I just got a mini bowling too!!! :nuts: And I :heart: the style!! It is awesome!!

    Congrats on your first... I haven't been treating mine with anything yet, but if you search for Apple or LMB, there should be tons of threads on those... Also, there was a Balenciaga FAQ thread, that needs to get bumped - I'm not sure if it is a sticky yet or not....

    I've taken my BBags in the airport before... I had a funny story, about when a security person told me just to put it on the belt when they were running short on gray trays... I panicked, and needless to say, an empty tray appeared pretty quickly... ;) I didn't have any problems traveling with it though, I would just never put anything like that in an overhead bin or anything - and keep it close while sitting waitting or on the plane...

    Enjoy!! (I think there was a thread on traveling with them too?? Search for travel... I'll look for it.)
  6. I have a longchamp nylong bag where I put my b bag when it passes through the xray machine and in the airplane