Just purchased Miu Miu '06/07 Fall Bag

  1. OK, this is by far my most ambitious bag purchase. I don't know if I've made the right decision but I have been obsessing over this bag for weeks and it's time to put an end to it! Ordered from Diabro.net - any feedback on this seller? I know at least one other poster bought this bag too...

  2. Sorry, don't know how to use this posting functions yet...here is the bag!

  3. they are a well known japanese based site selling authentic bags i heard
  4. I absolutely love this bag. Where am I going to get €735 from?

    Does anyone know what the style name is?
  5. Swoon! Thanks for that!
  6. I love this bag, it's beautiful. Congrats! =)

  7. Pretty pretty! Congrats!
  8. ahhhhh, congrats. I bought this bag last week as well, only in black and the slightly bigger version (without the shoulder strap). I really wanted the shoulder strap, but they didn't have it with the bigger version, and didn't sell this one. Loves it!!!
  9. very nice! congrats!
  10. Does it have pockets inside at all, or just an open space? I love the look of the one for sale at NM and am SO tempted to go for it!
  11. One open space, and the inner pocket in the liner (the ones all bag has). I'd like to kick myself, as it's on sale now at NM...........i paid more *sigh*
  12. GREAT choice...what a great bag for everyday...CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  13. can you get a price adjustment?
  14. I really loved your bag. I must go get one myself! Happy for you. Great choice.