Just purchased Michael Kors red patent Astor

  1. Okay, I splurged this week and bought two new handbags, the LV BH and Michael Kors cherry Astor satchel. Anyone familiar with either and have feedback?

    I think I"m done shopping for awhile after these two purchases, but, I can't help it, I love pretty handbags.
  2. Post pics please. I have the Astor Satchel in a "cream" color. Not sure of the technical term but I really like the bag. I've only carried it once...I'm surprised this bag isn't more popular than it is.
  3. I saw the color you have and thought it was great too. I also like the tan color.

    Yes, I totally agree with you about it not being so popular, not sure why either especially for such a reasonable price.

    But, in a way, I like that about the bag because not everyone will have the same one. It's different.

    Do you miss the shoulder strap on it at all? This is my first satchel type bag because usually I love shoulder handbags, but, I thought it was just too cute when I noticed it on a friend. It looked very roomy inside too.
  4. I like the Michael Kors handbags. I have one and it is chocolate bronze color. I'm looking for another style though. His handbags are durable and not too high priced that I can beat it up by using everyday...
  5. I actually prefer satchels, they look so elegant carried on the arm or handheld.
  6. Congrats on your new bags and thank you for reminding me about my Astor satchel! I love that bag. I have the small black one. I love satchels so I don't miss the strap but I have actually carried my satchel on my shoulder before. The drop is just long enough to wear it that way. Try it. I don't think I could wear it that way over a heavy coat but I have done it with a sweater on. The satchel is very roomy but still smaller than most of my bags. It's pretty much the perfect size and shape. And one of the things I love about Kors bags is the organization factor. The inside pockets are perfect and my favorite feature out of any handbag I've ever owned is on Kors bags-the keychain "leash." I love that feature, it totally eliminates fishing for car keys! :yahoo:
    Congratulations on your new bag. And thanks again for reminding me that I have this bag. I need to dust it off and use it. I love it!! BTW, if you like the astor you would probably also like the Rebecca Minkoff morning after mini. Let us know how you like your Astor after you use it.
  7. Is this the bag you got but in cherry?

  8. Yes, Yes, that's the bag I bought.

    It's in a cherry crinkle patent leather. So cute.

    I'll post all the details once I wear it for a day or two. It looks like a great size too.

    It will be a nice change because all of my handbags are shoulder. At first, I was a little worried about that, but, now, I"m thinking that having a handbag or two that's different then all the other types you have, is a good thing. And who knows, maybe I'll like satchels better then shoulder.

    Great tip on wearing it with a sweater. Thanks for mentioning that.

    And yes, I agree with the comment about satchels looking very classy. I think I"m going to love this bag ladies.
  9. I wore mine today after reading this thread. :smile:
  10. Wow! Congrats! Post pics of your Astor...the color must look amazing!