Just purchased Gucci Horsebit!!!

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  1. I got to pick up my Gucci Horsebit Hobo today!!! I just LOVE it. I decided to get this instead of the LV MC Speedy for now. the gucci is sooooo simple and elegant IMO. I will definitely get my moneys worth from this bag. And I got a $100 gift certificate for shopping today at SAKS. I now own the mono speedy, horsebit and the spy cognac should be arriving anyday now. I just have to get my balenciaga and the lv mc and I will be done buying bags for now. Really. I will be saving for a new car. I plan on trading in my 2001 honda civic. It just feels soooooo good to get the things you have been eyeing for sooooo long. Fortunately it looks like I will be able to complete my bag wishlist by the end of March.

  2. Sounds awesome, that's one of the bags that I would definitely get too when I have the spare funds kicking around !
  3. Congrats on your Gucci purchase!!!! Enjoy it! Post pics!!!
  4. I hope you are going to post some photos for us! What color did you get?
  5. Post pics please!! Congratulations!
  6. Congrats, I love Gucci bags!
  7. Congrats your a lucky girl! Please post pictures when you get it!
  8. Please share Pics!:nuts:
  9. yes, pics please! this is one of my fave bags.
  10. Congrats, and I'm glad you made a decision on it! Pictures please!!!
  11. Hey guys sorry I didn't get to reply sooner. Unfortunately I was kicked off my pc for repairs. Its the large black leather gucci horsebit hobo. I am currently trying to a camera to take pictures. I was promised by my boyfriend that he will set it up for me tonight, so I am crossing my fingers everything goes well this evening. What I really want to do is to gather my bags for their first photo shoot!! It will be the LV Mono Speedy, Gucci horsebit, and the Fendi Spy in Cognac. I will get the LV MC Speedy sometime in march.!!!!!

    You guys are such a great support group. When I went into SAKS for the purse, I thought to myself, "I can not tell ANYONE about this.....except for my girls on the Purse Forum. They are the only ones who will understand.:smile:"

    I returned my LV Manhattan PM. That's what initially prompt to get this bag. I felt that I wouldn't get as much wear in that bag and as time goes one when the handels turn honey brown or darker, it won't look as beautiful. And also I read in another thread that the brass will eventually turn silver...which I would HATE.

    I am sooo happy with my decision. I wanted the gucci ever since I saw Joan on the tv series "Girlfriends" wear it. !!!
  12. I saw Joan with it too!! Hee hee!! I recently got the tan & black, they are stunning!!! Enjoy and congrats! :lol:
  13. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag. I have the large tan leather one with light gold hardware. Definitely turns heads!! Especially those heads of the other women carrying their fake Gucci canvas logo totes... he he!