Just Purchased Chanel Shoes

  1. I just purchased these gorgeous chanel sandels from the cruise collection from Neiman Marcus. They were the only ones they had and they just happen to fit me perfectly and be the correct size! I attached a picture of them from Chanel.com. This picture will have to do until i can get out my camera later and take pictures! Enjoy! :smile:
  2. Ooooh those are so stinking cute!
  3. those are adorable! are they flats?
  4. gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  5. Heres a picture of a Chanel model wearing the shoes so you can kinda see how they look on and stuff. Oh and they are sandals by the way!
  6. How cute! I was wondering the same thing, if they're heels or flats.
  7. those are SUPER cute!
  8. those are gorgeous, did you get them in the color shown?
  9. How much were they and do they fit true to size? So cute!
  10. lovely! congrats! cnt wait to see pics...
  11. how superbly cute! congrats, dearie!
  12. droooling..... how much?
  13. Cute. Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  14. [​IMG]


    These shoes are gorgeous, Congrats! Great purchase....pls post modeling pics soon~:heart:
  15. I echo what the others have said......super CUTE :yes::yahoo: