just purchased a wristlet!

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  1. hi everyone...i just purchased this on eBay...it was listed a few days ago for a BIN of $60 but they reduced the price to $50 today...it looked real to me but i posted it up in the authenticate this thread to make sure and i just purchased it...i just don't understand how they are able to sell it for so cheap considering it just came out? i mean even with the pce discount, the wristlet would cost way more...they have 2 more if anyone else it interested...

  2. Looks good to me...and a good deal for those who like this style. You should post all authentication questions in the Authenticate this Coach! thread in the Coach Shopping subforum, however.
  3. i did post it in the authenticate this forum and even got an answer...this post was just to share my experience...
  4. Oh, I just love it, its beautiful!!:love:
  5. nice i think im gonna get one now...
  6. What a great deal!! That wristlet is pretty! Congrats!!
  7. i just saw this on eBay too! its pretty and a great deal!! post pics when you get it ;)
  8. thanks everyone! i will definately post some pics when i get it!
  9. Very Nice!! You got an awesome deal!