Just Purchased a Celine Black Croc Stamp Trapeze - Is this acceptable?

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  1. Hello all,

    I ordered a black croc stamped trapeze from Bergdorf Goodman on Wednesday. I requested for 2 day shipping and it arrived today. I was extremely excited for this bag only to find defects/damages. There is a scratch about 2"-2.5" long, a stain on the handle, and a piece of dried glue near the bottom. Additionally, the hardware has several light marks. I attached some pictures and circled the damages in red.

    I asked for a FRESH new one from the back as I do not purchase displays for this reason. The SA, told me that she always checks before shipping anything out. There were several small nail marks but I didn't take any pictures of them as I don't think it's too big of a deal.

    Am I overreacting? Please keep in mind this purse costs $2450. This is a gift from my SO and I'm upset I have to send it back.
    20121012_210234.jpg 20121012_210914.jpg 20121012_210316.jpg 20121012_210400.jpg
  2. I would definitely return it. I usually don't fuss over small scratches but these are a bit too much. If you've paid that much for a bag, you shouldn't compromise.
  3. Gave a start when I saw your pic of the handle and the last one with the strip of dried glue. Smaller scratches and leather folds I can explain away, but the scrap on the handle and the dried glue I can't. This has to go back.
  4. I agree with the others. Based on the handle and dried glue, you should definitely return it!
  5. I agree, those are pretty major scratches. Heartbreaking!
  6. Return or exchange! The big scratch on the front flap is way too obvious and the glue is just not acceptable!
  7. This is absolutely not acceptable. Send her back even tho it breaks ur heart. U will find another :smile:
  8. The last one with the strip of dried glue is a NO NO.:nono::nono:
    Please return
  9. return!!! i wouldn't accept that!
  10. That last drip did it for me, return!
  11. Ridiculous. This should not even be fit for purchase in the first place. Very shoddy finishing. Absolutely a no-no.
  12. Return it! The first scratch is more than enough to give cause to send it back...
  13. I agree
  14. Oh no, I would echo the other responses and say return it. I know it's hard since this bag is hard to find but for that money, you want a perfect/new bag!
  15. this is quite visible scratch to me. i'd return it or ask for an exchange.