Just purchased a Burberry Manor Bag!!!

  1. I just purchased a Burberry Manor Bag in Black from Bloomingdales.com on sale! I hope it ships. I just rechecked and they apparently have sold out. I am holding my breath.:yahoo:
  2. I am crossing my fingers for you!
  3. Me too- hope you get her!
  4. Yay! Another manor owner! Hoping all goes well!
  5. Wow! Hope you receive it. Model it and share with us!! How exciting!!!
  6. Good luck. I love my manor
  7. Keep us posted!!!
  8. Wow, did you get it with the additional 40% off the sale price? That would be such a steal! :nuts:
  9. Congratulations
  10. No, I didn't get the additional 40% off the price. Burberry was excluded from the extra 40% off! Although, I did get the large Manor at a regular sale price. It was still at regular price on Burberry.com, so I thought it was a fairly decent price. I always wish the price could be less... Thanks for all the kind words!!
  11. congrats green with envy here lol I would LOVE a manor bag :O)
  12. One day, Donna, one day you will also be a proud owner!
    Regina :tup:
  13. I just purchased one large manor back yesterday in Rome at normal price but when I tried it at home with stuff inside I noticed it is so heavy!
    How do you carry it around for some time?
    I was even thinking to take it back and get the medium size.
    Or maybe no? Give ne some advices.
  14. gioconda, i believe its depends on what suits your personal needs! do u actually need all that space? because even the medium is quite a large bag in itself..

    but i agree with u.. damn these bags are heavy.. did u get a full leather ?
  15. Yes a black full leather and it is georgeus and i got it thinking I could fit it with lot of things going to shop ....but I noticed it is heavy even with the essential stuff and hard to keep on the shoulder (the handles are big too and one slides from the shoulder).
    Considerong that I payed for it 1210 euro (1770 USD) I prefer to get a bag that I can use in every occasions.

    I have a question for you: has this bag been on sale maybe? I would be mad at the shop if gave me a bag at entire price if it already was on sale somewhere!!!!
    Definitly when I change it, I would like to get something still not been on sale, but I wonder what it can be.

    Greetings from Italy