Just pulled the trigger from Yoggis Closet

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391797359.527744.jpg

    Anyone have this bag ????
  2. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your reveal. I've never seen this in person, it's lovely

  3. It's in Like New condition. Very excited.
  4. i love Yoogi's!
  5. Nice pic, can't wait for you to share when it arrives!

  6. 1st time shopping there
  7. I saw that on there last night and was lusting after the speedy that looked just like it.

  8. I like the idea of the removable strap and shoulder or hand held
  9. Saw this in yoogis. Congrats
  10. Beautiful bag, hope to see your reveal soon!
  11. I saw this bag up there, it didn't last long. Hope you enjoy and post pics!
  12. i love yoogis i sell and buy on there, congrats!
  13. I was drooling over that one...congrats!!!
  14. They have had a few on there recently, I saw this bag on there yesterday.....congrats and let us know how you like it! They also had the speedy for sale.

  15. This one seemed to be in the new condition category. First time buyer lol