Just pre-ordered the mini raspberry asher

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  1. I pre ordered the mini raspberry asher from myobsessionsboutique. I will reveal as soon as I get it. I can't wait to see the color in person. It's already sold out on their website, but Luna Boston still has it for pre order. This is my first treesje purchase, I'm very excited. By the way, how do you pronounce "treesje"? thanks
  2. congrat! I actually went looking today and they are all gone. Hope you took advantage of the 33% off coupon that works on preorders! I am hoping LB will price match it for me.
  3. Well, I did it over the weekend and I did get the 25% off for presidents day. I was wondering if luna would match it also. Let me know if they do, just for curiousity reasons. Do you know if luna coupon codes ever work on the exclusive treesje bags? I am interested in the teal magnolia, but would want to use a coupon and the facebook coupon doesn't work. thanks
  4. barb is great.. should ask her to price adjust for the 33% off today. will let you know if i have luck with lb.
  5. Thanks for the idea, I just sent her an email :smile:
  6. Just wanted to update you, unfortunately Barb says the 33% off is not good on pre orders.
  7. Was the 33% off coupon for myobsessionsboutique or for luna boston?
  8. The 33% off is for MOB & LB has a 30% off code now.

    Raspberry looks like a GORGEOUS colour. I would love something in it. CONGRATS anthrolover on a great buy!
  9. http://forum.purseblog.com/treesje/how-do-you-say-treesje-439294.html There's a link to a video in there that ought to help!

    Congrats on your first Treesje! It's a slippery slope from there, so do hang on tight to your wallet... ;)

    As for LB's exclusives, I believe they don't accept any codes on them at all, but their LB Luxe reward points can be used to offset the full retail price. They do go on sale, as you can see with the exclusive Teal Turner, but I have a feeling it'll be a long while yet before the Mini Magnolia goes on sale.

  10. Thanks for all the help! Yeah I figured that about the teal magnolia too. Do you by chance have a mini asher or mini magnolia? I'm hoping the mini size works for me, I like a medium size bag, I am a petite girl. I'm just hoping its not too small for everyday use. And yes I definetely feel an addiction coming on!
  11. I bet this bag will be gorgeous in person, congrats!
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    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    I don't personally own a Mini Asher or Mini Magnolia, but I've seen the Mini Asher in person before. It depends on what you define as a "medium size bag", I suppose! To me, a medium size bag would probably be something like the Botkier Trigger Medium Satchel. Any smaller than that (12" x 9" x 6"), and it'd officially be a "small bag" to me. With that in mind, the Mini Asher does feel like a smaller bag than the Trigger (slightly smaller dimensions, though it's still about 12" long, but the zipper opening is also smaller than the Trigger's), though depending on what you carry, the Mini Asher may be just nice for your stuff.

    Lexie posted a great reveal thread for the Mini Asher when it first came out, including pics of what she could fit in it, so I'd highly recommend a search of this subforum to find the thread and the pics! If the stuff that you carry is comparable to what was in Lexie's pics, the size might be right for you. Alternatively, there should also be pics of at least one other Mini Asher with stuff in it in the "What's in your Treesje" thread in the reference section, IIRC. HTH!

    ETA: Wait, scratch that last! No pics of the Mini Asher in the "What's in your Treesje" thread. I think I may have been thinking of the mod pics thread instead... Nonetheless, though, Lexie's thread should help! Found the link too: http://forum.purseblog.com/treesje/real-life-pics-of-purple-mini-regular-ashers-479819.html
  13. The Mini Asher isn't Mini at all. I would call it a Medium sized bag. You can see all I fit into it. I think it would fit better to a petite frame (if you don't have to carry alot of stuff). It is restricting only in the sense that if you have to have water bottles and lunch and books, it's not going to do.
  14. Oh good! I think I'll be ok. I work at home, so I don't really need all that "extra stuff" and since my kids are 6 and 10 now, I don't have any of their stuff to lug around. I will post pics as soon as I receive it. I am wondering if presale items are normally mailed on their approximate mail date. I am of course hoping it comes earlier. :smile:
  15. That color is simply GORGEOUS! Congrats :smile: