Just pre-ordered 85th anniversary bag

  1. Got back from a trip to sacks and Gucci is currently having their trunk show for shoes and handbags at Saks in NYC. Beautiful bags!!! I pre-ordered the brown satchel..it looks so hot when you hold it next to you...you'll love it.
  2. When are the bags supposed to be out? I hope you take pics when you get it so I can check it out!
  3. It's this one but it's in the brown canvas.
  4. here's the pic
    85th anniversary Guccssima Bosten.jpg
  5. I love that bag!!! It's gorgeous!
  6. OMG that bag is beautiful! How much is it?
  7. gorgous! I love red bags. It's so much fun, kinda like a red leather Speedy meets Luella! :smile:

    the one that is shown is red leather right? You said you got the brown cavas one? What colors do they come in? Canvas and leathers?
  8. how much? how much? :smile:
  9. Yes, that style will come in a winter white leather, the burnt red gussima and the brown mono canvas. $1895