Just popped by the outlets..

  1. AHH! My parents bought me a travel bag for Christmas, very, very happy! I bought the belt, the bag was reduced from $2000ish to $580, bargain! And the belt was only $130! I felt like they were such bargains lol. Anyways, onto the pictures! :yahoo:

  2. That is very nice bag kenzo89 :heart: even better when it is from parents and free :p. I wish I have travel bag like yours, mine is manky :tdown: lol. By the way which outlet did you go?
  3. Lol thanks! Yeah popped by Bicester, it's 70% off a lot of the items! They get their next big delivery in February if you're interested. I pop by all the time when I break up from uni so the ladies know me and share these secrets! Lol.
  4. What do they have in there right now? Any Gaucho mediun saddle? Any romantique? Any cute things in there that TDF? You're so lucky. I have to drive from Birmingham to there :sweatdrop:. I might have to try to 'save' up for february then lol :graucho:

    Thank you for sharing the info Kenzo89.
  5. Yeah they had the gaucho but only the greeny denim small shoulder bag (if that made ANY sense to you!) They had a lot of the travellers/vintage collection from 2 seasons ago, still the saddle bags that do not seem to sell! I've noticed however there are a lot more exotic and evening bags. I scored a python purse for my Mother for £163! That was it off the top of my head. However there's a wide range of shoes this time round!

    Pasted from your thread lol. Gosh, from Birmingham?! I know Manchester Selfridges have romantique for sale, not sure how much as I only heard from my girlfriend. You could give them a call? Also Selfridges Oxford Street are have romantique pieces for sale, didn't see any Gaucho's however. Outlet wise, it really depends on what kind of bag you like, there were pieces from the rebelle collection and they were to die for, however they were metallic colours but they were very, very cheap! approx £350 from £6-700.
  6. congrats! great purchases...i wish there was an outlet in canada!
  7. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. why oh why are there no outlets where i live!!!???? but then i guess its kinda obvious since there isnt even a Dior boutique in this strange country!:p congratz kenzo im loving that travel bag nd being a bit jealous right now hihi:nuts::upsidedown:
  9. Congratulations.
  10. yah... I dropped by the outlet (Bicester) few weeks back too... many items are on 50% discount... there're pieces of Rebelle at very good buy.
    Ok! I actually bought 1 of the Rebelle from there... Yeah..!! :heart::jammin:

  11. congrats ! which colour did you get? :drool:
  12. where is this outlet located? TIA =D
  13. Congrats!

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