Just Placed An Order

  1. I just placed an order on the Coach website. :yahoo:Anyone ready to guess what I ordered?! It's brown and GORGEOUS :smile::smile:

    So much for my ban huh:s
  2. The large chocolate signature Carly ?
  3. well I love brown :graucho:
  4. chocolate signature ergo hobo!!! (I have discovered dh got me one for Christmas!) heehee!
  5. I SECOND THIS GUESS!!!!!!:yes::love:
  6. A couple of close guesses....ugh I'm so excited!!!!
  7. ban? what ban lol
  8. what is it? :nuts:
  9. Ummm...Bleecker flap bag?
  10. Ughh I really want to tell you girls but I feel like I should keep it a secret till Christmas Eve when it is supposed to arrive....hmmmm choices choices
  11. Don't keep it a secret, TELL US!
  12. There are NO secrets on TPF!! LOL! Tell us, tell us!!

    I'll guess again...

    how about a MEDIUM chocolate Carly???
  13. DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so excited!!! My first Carly! So that will be two bags for me for Christmas, plus whatever my BF got me besides the Signature Gallery Tote in black :smile:
  14. Aw, great choice!
  15. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see pics!