Just Placed A Phone Order For The New Tucan And Lion Keyfobs! :)

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:im so excited!!!

    they are calling me back in 5 minutes for my CC #

    I am picking up 2 tucans and 2 lions as i see these limited edition keyfobs are totally hot later on when not avail. so i figure i will save one of each and maybe eBay them later on,,

    BUT so people they will let you order both now if your lucky, it took me 2 hours of waiting to be approved to order the lion but :smile: yay! :smile:

    *and i am getting one candy one too, i am not positive its the right candy one, but since i havent ever seen one before i am pretty sure its the right thing! :smile:

    I cant wait :smile: pics ASAP when i get them! :yahoo:
  2. Nice!!! Do you know what the lion looks like? I would love to buy one of those now since i have the PCE card but i don't think they'll let me order it yet.
  3. How exciting! I absolutely love the tucan. Im thinking of getting one myself. Cant wait to see your pics when they arrive!
  4. you could always try :smile:
    She said hes got the same fur as a mane that the monkey had, and then sig. on his tummy area and leather for the rest of him
  5. Oooh a lion? So exciting! ( I am a Leo and have a soft spot for lion stuff.) Post pics when they arrive - I am dying to see!
  6. Yea Bessie!:yahoo:

    My store didn't have those in stock, but I saw the lion in the new catalog!
  7. Do you have the style numbers and the cost of each?
  8. Wait, what's the candy one?! I've heard about the lion and toucan, but this is the first I've known about the candy!!
  9. Lion!!!!!! Oh I want the Lion! I love cats!!!
  10. hhehe i love cats too!!! i want them to make a cat one
    but lion will do (although i used to date a leo and we were like mortal enemies! haha)**but that only goes for boy leo's! ;)

    and i dont have the style #s for them she is overnighting them (but its so late here already) so they will be here by friday :smile: so as soon as they get here i will post pics and the style and item #s

    but the price is $38 for each the lion and tucan

    and $52 i think for the candy?

    the candy apparently is like the new oceans one. or the new fruit one, and it has a bunch of dangling candies all wrapped up and stuff :smile:
  11. o no :sad: she just called back and said the lion isnt at JAX yet :sad: so i have to wait but its placed in the comp so when its @ Jax it comes but boo hoo :sad:
  12. Too Cool Bessie! I can't wait to see pics of them! :smile:
  13. Woohoo! How fun!! I can't wait to see pics!
  14. Oh, MAN! I want the candy one!! Bessie, do you have the item number for it? The lion is cute too! Hey, that'd make a GREAT RAOK gift! hahahah!

    Oops! Just saw you don't have item numbers! How'd you order it, did you describe it?
  15. they would make a great RAOK gift man i wish i thought of it!
    well i have time RAOK goes on so long maybe down the road haha :smile: I have to be greedy and get mine 1st haha :smile: sorry RAOK Buddy!

    and BTW here is a pic of the lion thankks to hangbglvr!!! :smile: